Webinar: Strategy - From Business to corporate, from local to global

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Join us as we challenge received ideas about what strategy is (or should be) and elucidate hot issues like:

• Developing a winning business strategy: What questions to answer and how?
• The hard reality of value creation in multi-business companies.
• Are you ready to go international?

Whether you are a functional expert seeking to take a more active role in the formulation and execution of your company’s strategy, or a seasoned manager eager to take a fresh look at how strategy is practiced in your organisation, let us explore how we can join forces to put you on a winning course.

Speaker info

Carine Peeters

Carine Peeters
Prof. Carine Peeters specialises in Strategy and International Business, with a particular interest in emerging markets as well as service sourcing strategies and delivery models.

Carine is interested in how companies can develop and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. She studies how companies transform their value chains to take advantage of outsourcing, offshoring, and shared services organizations for business support functions such as IT, business process, as well as technical and engineering services. She seeks to understand why some firms are more successful at the transformation than others, and the implications for organizations and managers who have to manage and coordinate globally dispersed value chains.

She serves on the Advisory Boards of the International Outsourcing Forum and the European Outsourcing Association in Belgium, and is a regular columnist for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network.


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