Webinar: Selling value - Moving from transactional to complex selling

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Recent work by the corporate executive board (CEB) suggests that  most B2B buyers today have done 57 percent of their buying decision before even seeing the supplier salesperson. This then implies that almost all B2B sales are likely to be viewed by B2B buyers as being purely transactional with price being the only factor that differentiates one supplier from the other.

In this webinar, a Minds&More Sales expert will help debunk this “myth” by talking about how salespeople from supplier firms today can create more value for their customers by highlighting the rather complex nature of B2B selling that involves not just buyers, but the while buying centre that includes the Decision Making Unit. Some key issues, tips and tricks will be discussed in this webinar.

Speaker info

Pascale Hall

Pascale Hall is Partner at Minds&More. She has more than 25 years of experience in sales , sales management and as sales performance consultant. Her focus:  professionalising sales in large or complex sales force environments.


Deva Rangarajan

Facilitator: Deva Rangarajan, Director of the Sales Excellence Centre at Vlerick Business School.


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