Supply Chain Network: The Alignment Puzzle

Book presentation

6 October 2022
7 PM - 10 PM
Professional, Alumni
6 October 2022
7 PM - 10 PM
Professional, Alumni
Topical event

The Supply Chain Network features a series of keynote speeches on thought leadership, best practice and innovation throughout the industry. Join us to stay at the cutting edge of developments in supply chain management and grow your network. Simply register to experience and discuss keynote speeches – and to network with your peers, industry leaders, current students, alumni and our expert faculty.

Join us for an engaging evening with the authors of The Alignment Puzzle. Hans Veltman and Jacques Adriaansen will discuss alignment, and why it’s so often lacking in organisations. They’ll explore the reasons for this. Is it the people – or the way we set up and run our businesses? They’ll also touch on top-down strategy, clients and suppliers, support services like IT – and how these all affect the supply chain.



Hans Veltman

Independent management consultant

Hans has many years of experience as an executive in supply chain and operations management consultancy.


Jacques Adriaansen

Independent consultant

Jacques has spent many years working as a supply and operations management consultant.


  • 7-7.30pm: Welcome and introduction
  • 7.30-9pm: Presenting The Alignment Puzzle
  • 9-10pm: Networking and drinks

Practical information 

  • All sessions of the Supply Chain Network are free of charge, but registration is required.
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The ways we work and operate are changing at rapidly. People and technology are combining to transform supply chain management – and the smartest organisations know they need to keep informed to stay ahead.

This is why industry leaders turn to Vlerick’s Centre for People in the Smart Digitised Supply Chain. We investigate the opportunities in technologies including Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – and share findings, discussions, tools and workshops with our members. Join us – and keep your organisation at the front of its field.


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