Join us on 14 September 2023

Expat Event 2023

Discover why diversity matters for our future

Our annual Vlerick Expat Event is taking place on 14 September. You’ll get valuable insights to share with your organisation. And you’ll have opportunities to exchange thoughts and ideas with Vlerick programme advisors – and connect with like-minded international professionals.

Today’s organisations are dealing with rapid technological advances – as well as tackling overlapping social, economic, political and environmental crises. With so much uncertainty, how can they keep their focus on their long-term strategic goals, like social and environmental sustainability?

In her keynote speech, Professor Andreea Gorbatai will share:

  • Why diversity matters for you, your company and our future
  • How a well-planned diversity strategy can help your company thrive
  • Evidence-based approaches for managing diversity initiatives for your company


  • 6-6.30pm: Welcome on our Brussels campus
  • 6.30pm: Introduction By Prof Dirk Buyens, Director Executive Education
  • 6.45-8pm: Keynote address By Prof Andreea Gorbatai
  • 8-10pm: International networking reception

The event is free, but a fee of €50 will be applied in case of a no-show.

Dirk Buyens

Dirk Buyens

Professor of Human Resources Management

Dirk Buyens is an authority on strategic HR, strategic talent management and organisational structuring, in line with business strategy.

Andreea Gorbatai

Andreea Gorbatai

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Andreea Gorbatai explores the role of social interaction and emotion in entrepreneurship research

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