During The Experience Vlerick Days you have the opportunity to discover the unique Vlerick spirit and prepare yourself for the changing world of business. All participants can choose 2 out of 4 inspirational, hands-on workshops, free of charge! 

Defining your path to success
by Veroniek De Schamphelaere
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Why fight for survival if you can collaborate for success?
by Professor Barney Jordaan
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The entrepreneurial mindset (only on 28 February)
by Professor Miguel Meuleman

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Taking digital strategy to the next level (only on 16 March)
by Professor Steve Muylle

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Winning strategy at business and corporate level
by Professor Carine Peeters
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Interested in a MBA? Than you can choose one of the above workshops and combine this with the MBA info session.
Interested in a Doctorate in Business Administration? Come and visit us at our information booth after the sessions. You’ll learn everything to make an impact with new understanding.


Workshop 1: Defining your path to success
Veroniek De Schamphelaere
Ever wondered what differentiates a successful professional career from a less successful one? Ever wondered where your career is taking you in the next 10 years? This session will provide you some guidelines for steering your career in the right direction by outlining the basic principles of career self-management and by gaining insight into internal and external factors that influence your career success.
Workshop 2: Why fight for survival if you can collaborate for success?

Prof Barney Jordaan
The need for us to collaborate with others - in business and in the personal sphere - has never been greater. Nature has given us the inherent ability to do so. Yet we tend to compete or even fight for results or to ‘win’, not realising that doing so could not only limit the outcomes we achieve, but also put unnecessary pressure on the relationships that matter most. Why is this so? How can we unlearn the habits that cause unnecessary conflict and stress in interaction with others? And what can we do to not only enhance our gains but also enhance our personal well-being? Come and learn, in a practical way, how to fight less and collaborate more. 
Workshop 3: The entrepreneurial mindset (only on 28 February)
Prof Miguel Meuleman
What can we learn from entrepreneurs and innovative executives to become more effective at identifying and exploiting new business opportunities? Using insights from the Innovator’s DNA, we share practices for becoming more innovative in our day-to-day work. According to research, innovators dare to question the status-quo, they observe and experiment, and they network to get more ideas. Participants in this workshop will get concrete examples on how to do those things and tools for taking concrete steps towards a more innovative and creative way of working!
Workshop 4: Taking digital strategy to the next level (only on 16 March)
Prof Steve Muylle
Digital Transformation is hot! In what way will digital developments contribute to the strategy and growth of your organisation? How do you develop digital challenges into digital success. In this workshop you will learn all about the core principles of a strong digital strategy. Are you ready to compete in a rapidly changing world? Join this workshop and craft your business model!
Workshop 5: Strategy: from business to corporate, from local to global
Prof Carine Peeters
Why do so many firms fail where few succeed? Strategy is part of the answer. So join us as we challenge received ideas about what strategy is (or should be) and elucidate hot issues like: 'Developing a winning business strategy: What questions to answer and how?', 'The hard reality of value creation in multi-business companies' and 'Are you ready to go international?'

Combine with the MBA info session

Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover what an MBA can do for your career! Would you like more information on our MBA offer? Than choose 1 of the above workshop and combine this with the MBA info session.