Ariana Ramos

Post-doctoral Researcher, Energy

Ariana is helping consumers and energy providers solve today’s sustainability challenges.

Ariana Ramos has worked in energy economics for over 10 years. As a post-doctoral researcher at Vlerick, her mission is to help consumers make better decisions about using renewable energy at home.

She uses decision-making models and big data analytics to understand consumer behaviour, and integrates them into real-life business models for energy companies. Her work helps providers understand consumer behaviour so they can encourage more sustainable energy use.

Ariana applies machine learning data analytics, business models and regulatory analysis to help start-ups and existing energy providers seize new opportunities in a changing environment. By doing so, she is helping to solve today’s energy challenges: How do we increase renewable energy use and decrease CO2 emissions? How do we keep energy affordable for everyone? And what are the business models that can help us get us to a more sustainable future? 

Ariana started out as a research assistant at KU Leuven, working with VITO and EnergyVille. Since then, her work has focused on user participation in electricity market design.

Who am I?

  • Post-doctoral researcher at Vlerick Business School
  • Master in Electricity Sector at Comillas Pontifical University, Spain
  • Master in Network Industries and Digital Economics from Paris Sud-11 University as part of a joint European Master in Economics and Management of Network Industries

My expertise

  • TSO-DSO coordination
  • Machine learning for smart meter data analytics
  • Text data analytics to track public perception
  • Integration of user participation into electricity markets
  • Local electricity markets for flexibility and energy communities
  • Energy markets

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Ariana Ramos

Ariana Ramos

Postdoctoral Researcher