Daniel Dobbeni

Executive in Residence

Daniel Dobbeni is the founder and Manager of ETHAN SRL, a boutique consulting firm focused on strategy, sustainable energy systems, grids and power systems. He also sits on the boards of several companies, both in and outside Europe.

Daniel started his career in nuclear engineering, later focusing on power generation in R&D. He’s been involved in electricity transmission since 1996, when he took on the role of Chief Operation Officer at Elia System Operator SA. Daniel was responsible for the company’s Belgian customer services, control centres, European regulation and grid codes. In 2003 he was elected CEO – and became chairman of the Elia Group’s Executive Committee.

He has held the role of chairman of the board for Eurogrid International SA, 50Hertz and Coreso. He was founding president of the association of the European transmission system operators, ENTSO-E and chairman of Synergrid, the association of Belgian electricity and gas system operators. And he’s Honorary President of GO15.

Daniel is an Executive in Residence at Vlerick and chairman of the advisory board of the Vlerick Energy Centre.

Who am I?

  • Executive in Residence at Vlerick Business School
  • President at KIC InnoEnergy Benelux and member of the Board of EIT InnoEnergy SE, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
  • Board member of DCbrain SA (France), Eurowatt SA (Luxembourg), Hepta (Estonia) and Ukrenergo SA (Ukraine)
  • Winner of the 1981 Vinçotte Prize (under the auspices of the European Commission)
  • General Management programme at INSEAD
  • Middle Management Programme at Vlerick Business School
  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (Nuclear physics and information technologies)

My expertise

  • Energy markets
  • Power systems and networks
  • European energy legislation
  • Renewable energy sources and storage integration
  • Executive management and strategy for multinational companies and associations
  • Managing boards and related committees
  • R&D management