Ellen Beckstedde

Doctoral Researcher, Energy

Ellen’s research focuses on the energy sector – and she has specific expertise in economic, environmental and policy areas

Ellen Beckstedde is a doctoral researcher at the Vlerick Energy Centre and KU Leuven. She is an expert in the economic, environmental and policy aspects of the energy sector. Her current work focuses on flexibility markets – which distribution system operators are increasingly using to manage congestion in distribution networks.

Ellen’s PhD is funded by the H2020 EUniversal project – so as part of her work, she develops recommendations on flexibility mechanism design, business models and regulations for distribution system operators.

In 2019, she won the KU Leuven Master Thesis Award, handed out by Siemens Industry Software.

Who am I?

  • Doctoral researcher at Vlerick Business School and KU Leuven
  • Advisor and teacher on flexibility mechanisms in the energy sector
  • Master in Engineering Science at KU Leuven

My expertise

  • Energy policy
  • Electricity market design
  • Flexibility mechanisms
  • TSO-DSO coordination
  • Distributed energy resources
  • Energy regulation