Erin Roman

Doctoral Researcher, Healthcare

Erin’s research focuses on value-based healthcare and cost transparency in the healthcare sector.

Erin Roman works as a doctoral researcher in the Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre. Her research focuses on value-based healthcare across different disease settings.

The main focus of her research is costs within the value-based healthcare framework. Through her research, she aims to ease financial pressures facing the sector by improving cost transparency. Her research looks at ways of measuring costs more accurately, as well as identifying and understanding the drivers of cost variability between patients.

Her PhD aims to equip healthcare providers with better knowledge about what influences costs and how they can be reduced. Her research also seeks to provide insights for policy makers.

Who am I?

  • Doctoral Researcher at Vlerick Business School
  • Masters in Financial Management at Vlerick Business School
  • Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

My expertise

  • Value-based healthcare
  • Operations management
  • Time-driven, activity-based costing
  • Cost variability in healthcare

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Erin Roman

Erin Roman

Doctoral Researcher