Leen De Schaepdrijver

Doctoral Researcher, Marketing

Specialises in contextual intelligence – and how it can help companies add value.

Leen De Schaepdrijver is a doctoral researcher at Vlerick, working in the field of marketing. Her research focuses on contextual intelligence and how it can help organisations offer their customers more relevant experiences.

Consumers leave digital footprints – a trail of digital data – behind them. And companies want to use that data to enhance customer experience. The challenge comes in offering experiences that benefit the consumer as well as the company – particularly when privacy concerns are in the spotlight. Leen’s project is currently exploring addressable TV advertising – and how we can use data to develop this promising new technology. Her work is supported by our Knowledge Partner, Telenet.

Alongside her doctoral research, Leen works with Professor Philippe Baecke to support businesses developing a data and analytics strategy. Through a series of workshops, they help companies find the value in their data and define data-enabled use cases.

Who am I?

  • Doctoral researcher at Vlerick Business School
  • Marketing professional at Vincent Sheppard Furniture (2016-2018)
  • Masters in Marketing Management at Vlerick Business School
  • Master in Law at Ghent University

My expertise

  • Value of data
  • Contextual intelligence
  • Advertising analytics

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Leen De Schaepdrijver

Leen De Schaepdrijver

Doctoral Researcher