Ronnie Belmans

Visiting Professor of Energy

Ronnie Belmans is an expert on energy markets and renewable energy. After spending his entire academic career at KU Leuven, he is now Emeritus Professor.

He’s currently on the board of several companies and is honorary chairman of the board of the Belgian transmission system operator, Elia.

He’s the founder, and was CEO, of EnergyVille – the research centre for renewable energy in metropolitan areas. He is currently advisor to the board.

As a Visiting Professor at Vlerick, Ronnie is a member of the Advisory Board of the Vlerick Energy Centre. He contributes to the development of the Centre’s flagship Future Power Grid Managers Programme, as well as bootcamps for Masters and MBA students with testimonials, chairing discussions, and leveraging his company’s network to recruit participants. He also acts as an advisor and reviewer of research conducted by the Vlerick Energy Centre, in the context of the Research Chair partnerships.

Who am I?

  • Visiting Professor at Vlerick Business School
  • Emeritus Professor at KU Leuven
  • Honorary chairman of the board of Elia
  • Founder of EnergyVille and advisor to the board
  • Former chairman of the board of directors of the regulator VREG

My expertise

  • Energy markets
  • Power systems
  • Energy transition technology