Tineke Distelmans

Doctoral Researcher, Accounting & Finance

Tineke's doctoral research explores creativity and innovation in inter-firm partnerships

Tineke Distelmans is a doctoral researcher in the accounting and finance field at Vlerick. She studies companies that partner each other to develop creative ideas or solutions. More specifically, her research focuses on contract design, creativity and innovation in inter-firm R&D partnerships. Tineke uses natural language processing techniques in her work.

She’s an active contributor to Vlerick’s Centre for Financial Leadership and Digital Transformation and collaborates closely with Professor Kristof Stouthuysen. She’s also involved in the data science bootcamp and supports Professor Stouthuysen on several courses, including Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Cost Accounting and Strategic Management Accounting.

Who am I?

  • Doctoral researcher at Vlerick Business School
  • Master in Business Engineering (Accounting and Financial Management) at KU Leuven

My expertise

  • Creativity
  • Management accounting
  • Innovation
  • Data science
  • Textual analysis