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Centre for Negotation Intelligence (NQ®) and Dispute Resolution

Collaboration and negotiation habits for the 21st century

The fast track to game-changing skills and a new mindset in negotiation

Strategic negotiation is the key to effective partnerships inside and outside your organisation. Which means your ability to negotiate can have a serious impact on both the top and bottom line.

Join us to use our unique tools, models, research and events to develop a systematic and strategic approach to negotiating at individual, team and organisational level. It will keep you one step ahead of your competition – and boost your company’s innovation and effectiveness.

Join a powerful community

Join CEOs, professionals and leaders from different disciplines who are positioning negotiation and conflict management as drivers of innovation, efficiency, agility and progress.

Share challenges, insights and experiences – and work in partnership with world-leading experts to learn, gain ideas, practise and stay ahead. As part of this community of change-makers, you’ll take part in events, network – and gain the insight to take your organisation to greater success.


Research to power your company

Successful negotiation is a mindset and a systematic approach, rather than an ad-hoc activity.

At the centre, you discover how to strengthen your company’s negotiation potential. You learn how to deal more effectively with conflicts and collaboration in a turbulent world. And you use our models and techniques to drive value from cross-silo collaboration.

Members use our Negotiation Intelligence® model, NQ Scan® and Corporate NQ® to understand their negotiation capacity and to embed negotiation into company behaviours.

This is where you take your company beyond win-lose – and even beyond win-win.

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Network, explore, deepen your thinking

Each year, we explore a theme, which is influenced by our members. These topics are translated into interactive networking activities, including workshops on topics such as negotiating in an agile environment – and collaboration in digital settings.

You can apply the NQ® scan to your company, arrange coaching sessions and access in-depth interviews, cases, debriefs, exercises and theory. Expert faculty also act as a sounding board for company-specific issues.

Recent research

NQ® Scan

Your company’s Negotiation intelligence® (NQ®) is a measure of its negotiation mindset. The NQ® Scan is a unique scientific tool that provides a thorough analysis of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses – at individual, team and corporate level. This gives your company the foundations to build NQ®, tackle negotiation differently and empower people and teams. Take the NQ® Scan regularly to monitor progress.

In-depth interviews with thought leaders

We asked 12 leaders from various sectors what they believe makes a negotiator exceptional. Their insights are practical, thought-provoking – and sometimes surprising. You can view all 12 interviews individually – and also see their thoughts aligned with our own NQ® model, in five compilation videos.

The NQ® Barometer

This newly-developed tool scans your company’s existing negotiation practices and allows you to identify areas for improvement, as well as challenges on an organisational level. This tool integrates with the Corporate NQ®.

The NQ® Toolkit

This extensive document is packed with additional information, tips and hints about all elements and dimensions of the NQ® model.

A new book on NQ® - coming soon

In 2012, Professor Katia Tieleman and Professor Marc Buelens wrote the book Essentials: Negotiation. This manual introduces the NQ® model to students and (aspiring) managers. Now, to bring the NQ® model to a broader audience, Katia is writing a new book that combines theory with real-world examples.

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Expert faculty

Katia Tieleman

Katia Tieleman

Professor of Negotiation

Katia Tieleman provides leading companies with the mindset, tools and approaches to turn negotiation and conflict challenges to their advantage.

Barney Jordaan

Barney Jordaan

Professor of Negotiation

Barney Jordaan is an expert in negotiation and conflict leadership – and helps organisations build effective negotiation strategies.


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Are you wondering how you can properly negotiate a large contract via Zoom? Do you wish silos would stop getting in the way of interdepartmental collaboration and cross-pollination? Are you frustrated that short-lived, ever-changing dynamics keep interfering with long-term strategies?

Join us to find answers to all these situations – and more. And to influence our research even further, you can also consider becoming a partner.

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