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The Vlerick Energy Centre was created to support the energy transition – and is here to help decision-makers make a success of it. Join us to stay up-to-date with topics including decarbonisation, digitisation and democratisation – and to understand the opportunities they represent.

Take part in the centre’s curated events, network with peers, access and influence our research – and lead your organisation to ever-greater heights.



When you join the Vlerick Energy Centre, you become part of a vibrant community of change-makers from organisations including producers, retailers and network companies – such as distribution and transmission system operators.

It’s a safe space where members and partners share insights and experiences – and where you can influence and access ground-breaking research. Your partnership with the centre could be focused on research – or on building our community.



In an ever-changing landscape, our research lets you look forward with confidence. We explore new topics, produce white papers and carry out in-depth academic research. If you’d like the centre to carry out research for your organisation, you could become an insight partner. The centre’s Fluxys Chair is an example of this. Through it, we carry out analysis of the impact of regulation – and we use energy system modelling.

Topics we’ve covered include: sector coupling with power-to-gas, electric vehicle policy and network integration, flexible market design and TSO-DSO coordination, electricity consumer behaviour through smart meter data analytics, distribution grid tariff design, and renewable and citizen energy communities (REC / CEC)

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The other great value of the Vlerick Energy Centre is in building networks, influence and knowledge in community partnerships.

Our DSO Chair is a prime example of a community partnership in action. Founded by Fluvius, any DSO can become a member of the Chair. We organise at least two invitation-only workshops a year. They delve into the latest developments in European distribution grids – and we cover regulatory and management practices.  

Recent research

What is the role of renewable gases in the energy transition?

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. Gas is a carbon-based energy source that contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. So the gas sector is naturally concerned about the future. This white paper takes a close look at future challenges. How can the existing natural gas infrastructure be repurposed to transport decarbonised gases? How can we harness the full potential and opportunities of renewable gases? And what’s needed for the gas sector to decarbonise and play a role in the future integrated energy system?

The evolution of electricity markets in Europe

In this book, Professor Leonardo Meeus describes the evolution of the electricity market since liberalisation began in the late 1990s. What have the most significant challenges been? What solutions were found – and how have these solutions led to new problems that needed new solutions of their own?

Electric vehicles and DSOs: working towards a joint future?

Can the power grid meet any increased electricity demand from electric vehicles? It will depend on the uptake of plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Although demand for them is growing, mainstream adoption is still far away. Nevertheless, DSOs and regulators are already seriously considering the challenges ahead. This white paper rounds up the findings and insights of a workshop within our DSO Chair.

Five years of the Vlerick Energy Centre: an overview of results and lessons learned

Energy concerns us all. And because it’s an important part of decarbonisation and climate change, it’s a hot topic. This report marks the fifth anniversary of the Vlerick Energy Centre. It provides a good opportunity to look back at some of our achievements and lessons learned – and to look to the future.

Energy storage – our take on business models and regulation

The electricity landscape is in a state of flux, not least because of the increasing integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation. This has sparked growing interest in energy storage, which is arguably an important part of the renewable energy mix. How can energy storage be used and integrated into existing power systems, in both residential and industrial environments? This is the key question the STORY project aims to address. This white paper presents the findings and insights from studies conducted under the umbrella of the STORY project, as well as from various experts.

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Leonardo Meeus

Leonardo Meeus

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Leonardo Meeus helps companies to take a broader perspective on strategy.


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