Terms and conditions
consultancy projects


  • These terms and conditions apply to any application for a Project provided by Vlerick for a Fee (all as defined below).
  • Applying for a Project implies acceptance of these terms and conditions, even if they conflict with the Company’s own general or specific conditions of purchase.

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 Vlerick Vlerick Business School, a public utility foundation
incorporated under the laws of Belgium, having its registered offices at
Reep 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium, VAT BE 0424.244.049
 Company  legal person applying for a Project
 Students  Vlerick MBA or Masters students
 Supervisor  a senior representative of the Company
 Promotor  a Vlerick faculty member
 Project an consultancy project whereby a team of Students analyses a specific
business or strategic issue of a Company as part of their Masters or MBA
programme at Vlerick
 Fee €10.900 (market research project) or € 9.900 (consultancy project) (plus 21% VAT) if the scope of the Project consists of 3 students or € 8.900 (market research project) or €7.900 (consultancy project) (plus 21% VAT) if the scope of the Project is limited and the student team consists of 2 students (instead of 3) 

€ 1.500 (plus 21% VAT) for a 2-month Global Social Project


any expenses
- incurred by the students while performing the project;
- directly related to the execution of the Project and necessary or at least useful for the execution of the Project;
- of which proof can be provided by the Students to the Company

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Application and screening

  • Project proposals need to be submitted via the application form on the Vlerick website.
  • For the academic year 2020-2021, the Company can apply for a market research project until the beginning of February 2021. For MIMS projects, the deadline is mid-February 2021. All other projects can be applied for until the end of February 2021.
  • Upon receipt of the application form, Vlerick will contact the Company to screen the Project and ask the Company to complete and return the project screening form. Vlerick will only consider project proposals for which a project screening form has been completed.
  • The Company is responsible for the description of the content and objectives of the Project to present to the Students as well as for the description of the Company itself.
  • Vlerick is entitled to refuse project proposals and will inform the Company thereof.

Project allocation

  •  Vlerick will allocate at its sole discretion the Students to the Projects taking into account the preferences of the Companies and the Students.
  • The Companies will be informed whether their Project can be allocated or not by the beginning of April 2021 at the latest. Projects that cannot be allocated, will not be executed.

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  • After allocation of the Project, Vlerick will present the Company and the Students a contract for signature. A template contract can be obtained upon request. 
  • In the absence of a signed contract, the Company will not receive the project report and will not be able to participate in the project defence.

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Invoicing and payment

  • The Company undertakes to pay Vlerick the Fee invoiced after signature of the contract.
  • The Company shall reimburse all Expenses as defined above.
  • The Company shall agree with the Students on the Expenses beforehand. These Expenses (plus 21% VAT) will be invoiced by Vlerick on the basis of an expense claim form (including the original receipts of the Expenses) approved by the Company.
  • Invoices are payable within 30 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in writing between Vlerick and the Company. If invoices are not paid by the due date, the amounts will automatically and without prior notice be increased with the interest rate as prescribed in the Belgian law of 2 August 2002 “betreffende de bestrijding van de betalingsachterstand bij handelstransacties”.

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Cancellation by the Company

  • If the Company cancels the Project before the start of the Project , a cancellation cost of
    € 1.000 will be charged.
  • The Project cannot be cancelled without cause after the start of the Project.

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  • The Company shall appoint a Supervisor and Vlerick shall appoint a Promoter to guide and support the Students.

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Obligations of the Company

  • When working at the premises of the Company, the Students shall be able to use an office space, a phone and, if not provided by the student, a computer.
  • The Company shall provide the Students access to all information and persons relevant to the Project.

Project report

  • The project report shall be written in English, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Company and Vlerick.

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Project assessment

  • The Students will defend their Project before a jury. In this jury the Company shall be represented by the Supervisor. Other persons of the Company can attend the project defence but the Company shall only have one vote. 
  • The jury will evaluate the Project on content and methodology, written report, oral presentation and defence, personal efforts / commitment, usefulness and practical value. 
  •  The jury will mark the Project on the basis of the guidelines provided by Vlerick.

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Contact after the project

  • The Company agrees to be contacted by the School for future In-Company Projects, for which the contact details will be saved within the School's database

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Applicable law and competent courts

  • These terms and conditions shall be exclusively governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Belgium.
  • Any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation or implementation of these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Gent, Belgium.

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Terms and conditions
consultancy projects

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