Terms & Conditions Online MBA

Fee payment conditions 

These conditions are applicable to the payment of all course related fees on behalf of participants in respect of the online MBA programme of Vlerick Business School. These conditions are a specific addition to our General Terms & Conditions. 

1. Payment options (Programme & Course Payments)
Participants can pay for: 

  • The full programme upfront and receive a 1 course discount; or
  • One course at a time, paid in advance; or
  • Multiple courses paid in advance on a course by course basis 

Participants must ensure that they, before the payment deadline date of their course:

  • Pay the tuition fee for the programme or course in full; or
  • Provide a sponsorship guarantee letter evidencing that a Sponsor will pay the Tuition fee.

2. Liability for payment of Fees
It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all fees payable by him/her to Vlerick Business School are paid at the appropriate time. 

Irrespective of the willingness of any contracting party to pay fees on behalf of a participant, legal responsibility for payment of all fees shall always remain with the participant. 

Participants can pay their tuition fee by credit/debit card or by bank transfer.

3. Payment by Third Parties (Sponsorship)
A participant’s employer, or another corporate body or government agency, can elect to act as the participant’s Sponsor and pay the participant’s tuition fee (or any other fee) on his/her behalf (“the Sponsor”). Evidence of the Sponsor’s commitment to pay should be provided by the participant prior to invoicing. 

The Contracting Parties’ / Sponsor’s commitment to pay the tuition fee for the full programme upfront to Vlerick Business School shall be made by way of credit/debit card or bank transfer. 

Where the amount being paid to Vlerick Business School by a participant’s Sponsor is less than the total tuition fee (or other fees) due, the participant undertakes to pay the outstanding remaining balance of the tuition fee (or other fees) directly to Vlerick Business School. 

Invoices must be paid in euro. 

If Vlerick Business School does not receive payment of a participant's tuition fee (or other fees) from the Contracting Party / Sponsor, then that tuition fee (or other fees) will fall due for payment, the participant shall remain liable for payment of the tuition fee (or other fees) in full and undertakes to pay the outstanding tuition fee (or other Fees) upon first request of Vlerick Business School.

4. Implications of Non-Payment
Payment of the Tuition Fee must be completed, or in the case of a sponsored participant, evidence of a financial commitment of a Sponsor must be provided, within 7 days after the course start date. Failure to make payment or provide evidence of sponsorship will result in the withdrawal of a participant’s access to the course and programme. In addition, Vlerick Business School reserves the right to deny access to any services, facilities or activities while the Tuition Fee (or other Fees) remain outstanding. 

If the tuition fee (or any substantial part of the tuition fee) or any other fees due to Vlerick Business School remains unpaid, Vlerick Business School shall be entitled to take the steps documented in section 4 of the “General Terms and Conditions of Vlerick business School” to recover the debt.

5. Fee Refunds
Tuition fee refunds for pay by course option only:

Withdrawal date Tuition fee due
7 days or less after the scheduled start date of the courseNo tuition fee will be payable for that course
More than 7 days after the scheduled start date of the courseFull tuition fee will be payable for that course

When a participant has paid all or part of the tuition fee for a course and withdraws 7 days or less as from the scheduled start date of the course, he/she will be entitled to a refund of the tuition fee amounting to the amount already paid. Refund requests must be made in writing prior to day 7 of the course to your participant support officer. 

When a participant is paying per course, he/she will only be fee liable for courses in which they remain enrolled beyond day 7 of the scheduled start date of the course. The participant will not be fee liable for future courses that have not yet started should they choose to withdraw. 

Where a participant purchases multiple courses in advance with the Shopify check out function, but is not paying for the full programme up front, they are entitled to request a refund for any courses purchased but not yet started.

Tuition fee refunds for full programme paid upfront option: 

Where a participant opts to pay the programme fee in full upfront, they attract the 1 course discount. As such, they will not be eligible to request a refund of any or all of their programme’s tuition fee beyond 7 days after the scheduled start date for their first course. Participants have 5 years to complete their programme. 

Any dispute over an invoice must be notified in writing (by registered mail, fax with acknowledgement or e-mail with acknowledgement) to the secretariat of the training in question or, if not applicable, to the accounting department of Vlerick Business School within 15 calendar days after the receipt of the invoice.

Last update: 16 April 2019