Programmes for SME


Entrepreneurial Community Building Programmes

Our community programmes combine networking, state-of-the art knowledge and peer-to-peer learning between like-minded people in a trusted environment.

Impulse Centre Growth Management for Medium-sized Enterprises

Join a unique community of dynamic entrepreneurs of medium-sized enterprises with perspectives to growth and ambitions to professionalize.

Intensive programmes

These intensive, high-level management programmes provide you with a theoretical, conceptual and practical foundation for managing small and medium sized businesses in a professional way including coaching through our Vlerick Venture Coaching network .

SME Excellence

An intensive management programme for SME owners who want to professionalize and grow their business.

SME Challenge

An intensive management programme for owners-managers of recent start-up companies, small businesses and successors in family owned companies.

Short focused Programmes

Our short focused programmes address relevant business issues in a short but intense programme format. The number of programme days varies from 1 to 4 days. The programmes listed below are a selection of our programmes that are especially relevant for SMEs.

Developing New Business Opportunities

From entrepreneurial ideas to validated value propositions and business models

Growth through Innovation

Lead your organisation towards innovative results

Product Management

Launch new products and services successfully

Data-driven Marketing

From small to big data

The Sales Leadership Programme

Accelerate your sales results

Negotiating to Create Value

Make the impossible possible

Essentials in Strategy

 An update of core strategic concepts and frameworks

Successful Strategy Execution

 Excel and compete successfully

The People Manager

Motivate your team to succeed

Leading Change

Motivate your teams to embrace change

Leadership Transition Programme

Become a more effective leader

Entrepreneurial Buyout Academy

Buy your own company and become entrepreneur


hansImpulse Centre for Growth Management

The Impulse Centre for Growth Management develops and disseminates state-of-the art knowledge on growth management of medium-sized enterprises.
Join Prof. Hans Crijnsin developing solution oriented knowledge and diffuse it

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