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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the 1st buzzword to demystify. Three tips to get started: 1/ Understand some basics, such as the meaning of a distributed ledger. 2/ Don’t confuse blockchain technology and its popstar Bitcoin. 3/ Try to pinpoint exact opportunities and limitations.

Open banking

PSD2 is the legal framework for innovative payment services. You could hardly call it a buzzword, nevertheless it is everybody’s cup of tea in anticipation of 13 January 2018. That day, the revised payment directive becomes applicable.

A.I. & Deep learning

With fintech on the rise, data are clearly becoming a key ingredient of tomorrow’s business models. Yet, with PSD2, open banking and cross-industry collaboration around the corner, it seems that your data will be shared. Are AI & deep learning the keys to unlock that much forgotten ‘V’ of Big Data: ‘Value’?

Customer Experience

Banking as a service (BaaS) implicates radical customer centricity. CX experts typically focus on the experience of a customer across all touch-points of a brand, both online and offline, providing a consistent service in an omnichannel area.


InsurTech is bringing forward new services and business models for an industry with roots in the 17th century. Picture a number plate to buy coverage on an hourly basis! Insure your friends within a shared cashback pool? Move the entire brokerage and policy management process into a mobile phone!

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