A.I. & Deep Learning

With FinTech on the rise, data are clearly becoming a key ingredient of tomorrow’s business models. Yet, with PSD2, open banking and cross-industry collaboration around the corner, it seems that your data will be shared. To stand out, organisations will need to generate unique insights and understandings from unstructured and open data elements. Are A.I. and deep learning the key to unlock that much forgotten ‘V’ of ‘Big Data: Value’?

Data guru’s Dr Gautam Shroff (TCS), Diederick van Thiel (AdviceRobo), Toon Vanagt (data.be) and Andrew Pardoe (Credit Suisse) share a common ground: an urgent call for mature technology models. First challenge now is to amplify knowledge workers and move people up into cognitive digital engagement.

#3 FinTech Futures: A.I. & Deep Learning

22 MARCH 2017

Did you miss our Vlerick FinTech Futures event on A.I. and Deep learning? Dr Gautam Shroff heads TCS’s Innovation Lab in Delhi. Participating in his FinTech Futures talk in Brussels makes you feel like Pinocchio being swallowed by the internet, swimming deep into the belly of Coursera where you finally meet a true A.I. Gepetto. How can emerging technology companies create A.I. market solutions that have disruptive innovation potential? According to Dr Shroff that depends on access to contextual assistants. Read our opinion, "Are AI and deep learning the key to unlock the value of big data?" and download the slide decks by Dr Gautam Schroff (TCS) and Andrew Pardoe (Credit Suisse).

Shroff Gautam

Dr Gautam Shroff, VP and Chief Scientist of Tata Consultancy Services

Dr Shroff heads TCS’ Innovation Lab in Delhi, which conducts applied research in software architecture, natural language processing, multimedia and graphics. Additionally he is responsible for TCS’ Co-Innovation Network, which works with emerging technology companies to create and take to market solutions that have disruptive innovation potential.

Diederick van Thiel

Diederick van Thiel, Founder AdviceRobo

Diederick van Thiel’s work and knowledge are broadly rewarded, resulting in an award for Visionary European FinTech entrepreneur. Diederick is the founder and CEO of AdviceGames and he holds a non-executive director position at Ikano Bank. He was the founder of eyeOpen: world’s first digital mortgage advice platform and he held board positions at ING, KPN Mobile and Vodafone. Besides business venturing, he enrolled for a PhD-program on the impact of robo-advice on financial services, to satisfy his endless curiosity in next gen customer engagement.

Toon Vanagt

Toon Vanagt, Founder data.be

Toon Vanagt is a serial entrepreneur since 1999. His latest ventures are data.be and lex.be. Both these freemium businesses are built on unstructured data and are heavily relying on open data. Toon is a strong believer of all things open, which he supports via the non-profit Open Knowledge Belgium. Also, he is involved in federating the Belgian FinTech community through FinTech Belgium and B-Hive.

Pardoe Andrew

Dr Andy Pardoe, Founder Informed.AI

Dr Andy Pardoe is a UK-based cognitive computing consultant and founder of Informed.AI group, a community of websites that promotes AI knowledge. He was IBM listed as one of 30 AI influencers in 2017 and applies a UX focus on AI.

Prof Bjorn Cumps, Vlerick Business School

Passionate about banking and technology, Prof Bjorn Cumps is specialised in financial services innovation and FinTech. At Vlerick Business School he is heading the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services, initiating the FinTech Bootcamp and holding the BNP Paribas Fortis Chair on banking as a platform. He strongly believes the new digital mind-set will reshape our current financial landscape. He is fascinated by the FinTech scene which brings together traditional banks, tech companies and new digital start-ups.

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