Traditional insurance products can be rigid and complex. They require customers to fit into categories defined by underwriters and to pay premiums for areas of cover they may not even need.

But this is already changing. Digital technologies are all set to make insurance highly personalised… and as easy to access and use as an app like Tinder. Welcome to Insurtech – the new era of insurance.

#5 FinTech Futures: InsurTech


The picture we see is one of ambition and innovation. At our latest FinTech Futures event, we heard from a number of different players who are setting out to disrupt the insurance sector.

Curious what experts Johan Van Overtveldt (Belgian Finance Minister), Quentin Colmant & JC Velge (Qover), Frank Fripon (KBC) and Stefaan de Kezel (Ageas) see happening in the industry?

Download the inspiring slide decks by our guest speakers or read the opinion piece, written by FinTech influencer Tine Holvoet.

Johan Van Overtveldt, Belgian Minister of Finance

“By focusing on specific activities such as insurance, market infrastructures and FinTech, progress is being made in broadening the financial landscape in Brussels.”

Keeping up with all tech developments in financial services, Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt is strongly promoting Belgium as a gateway to the European market for financial technology. His approach to promote Brussels as a financial center is paying off abroad, welcoming major players such as Lloyd’s, QBE and MS Amlin.

Colmant Quentin

Jean-Charles Velge

Quentin Colmant & Jean-Charles Velge, Co-Founders Qover

“Armed with €5.5M in series A funding, partnerships with two of the world’s leading risk carriers, and a product already in market, the Qover team has big plans for 2017 and beyond.”

Qover provides insurance industry players with on-demand infrastructure APIs to build digitally branded innovative and traditional insurance products to their customers. Co-Founders Quentin Colmant and Jean-Charles and their small team have rebuilt the entire ecosystem of an insurer from scratch: it is on the cloud and genuinely digital. As a coverholder of the Lloyd’s, they manage the relationship with the risk carrier and deliver unique products that are built in house: sliced, on-demand, easy-to-use, and seamlessly integrated.
de Kezel Stefaan

Stefaan de Kezel, Programme Director Innovation & Smart Synergies – Ageas

"What if insurance would be flexible, at the tip of your fingers and adapted to your exciting lifestyle?"

The Guardian described Back Me Up as providing “Tinder style insurance for millennials”. Stefaan de Kezel explains how Ageas supports this start-up with a strong focus on young adults who value experience and sharing over owning and possessing. Backed by Ageas, Back Me Up was created from scratch, built for people living their lives on their phones, and looking for an insurance that fits their experienced-focussed lives.

Frank Fripon, General Manager Strategy – KBC Insurance

Frank Fripon, General Manager Strategy – KBC Insurance

"One of the main challenges will be to identify and attract new skills to respond to the changing business models based on the internet of things, data, and artificial intelligence."

July 2017 KBC wins the Euromoney “World’s Best Bank Transformation Award”. So redefining and repositioning an organisation in a world of digital transformation is becoming part of KBC’s DNA. And now the transformation will hit the Insurance company in full force. In his talk Frank Fripon will share his view on the upcoming transformation, collaborating with start-ups and what InsurTech means for a company like KBC Insurance.

Prof David Veredas, Vlerick Business School

"Insurtech is becoming the Martin Luther of insurance. The disrupter in a long-standing and traditional business.”

David Veredas is professor of financial markets in insurance at Vlerick Business School. He teaches courses on financial risks, insurance, insurtech, and risk management at the Masters, MBA, and executive education. Broadly speaking, his research is in financial risk – namely volatility, tail and systemic risks – and vast dimensional and complex financial systems.

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