Industry Specific Simulations

Boost your management skills via our broad portfolio of business simulations with specific focus on the insurance and financial services industry. All of our simulations are continuously updated to incorporate new trends, developments and regulations.
Our simulations have been designed in such a way that the main challenges for the participants are quite similar to the real-life challenges of the managers of insurance and financial services companies. They are designed to be used by major players in the financial services and insurance industry, financial services and insurance training institutes, and for customised education programmes. And just as we have done in the past, we can adapt the tool to your specific requirements.


SOFIA is a nicely designed, interactive simulation of how to run an insurance company. It helps participants to identify and compare key elements in the decision-making process and experience the risk-return relationships that drive the decision-making process. Participants will experience how it feels to manage each constituent part of an insurance company. They will get a holistic view of the insurance company and they will see how their decision-making affects the share price.

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Vlerick Bank Simulation

The Vlerick Bank Simulation depicts a realistic financial market in which banks take major financial management decisions in a competitive setting. Participants in the Vlerick Bank Simulation will manage their simulated bank, gain insight into the decisions taken in banks, understand the impact of financial markets on business and financial performance, and understand a bank’s overall strategy and the interactions among different business areas.

The decision variables in banking, such as assets and liabilities management, capital account management and liquidity risk management, can be activated or deactivated to tailor the simulation to a specific group of participants. The Vlerick Bank Simulation is updated continuously to cover new regulatory developments (e.g. under Basel III) and is generic in that it can be used by financial institutions worldwide.

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F.A.S.T. © (Finance and Accounting Simulation Tool) is a quick introduction into the basic concepts of accounting and into the ways of analysing the financial health of a company. FAST © illustrates visually the impact of operational decisions on a financial level in the company. This tool can be used for staff without any financial background as well as for managers wishing to test or refresh their financial knowledge.

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Participants of companies as KBC, ING, Ageas, Munich Re, BNP Paribas Fortis, Investissement Québec, Allianz, AXA BANK Europe, Achmea, and many others could experience our simulations before.

 Jean Francois Nocent

The SOFIA Simulation literally puts you in the seat of the members of the Board of Directors of an insurance company. Run after run, you have to take the right decisions to improve the competitive advantage and the company's financial results: define you strategy, decide about the markets you want to enter and how you'll bring your products to the customer, fix the premiums price, use the re-insurance, etc. It really gives you an insight of what make (or dismake) the succes of an insurance company.
And it's really fun to play, too!!

Jean-François Nocent
Sous-directeur CBC Assurances

Tibor Meszaros 

I participated in both SOFIA and the Banking simulation. I really enjoyed those days. In SOFIA we were building up our actions based on our discussed strategic directions and we experienced the impacts of our decisions immediately. We got some bits and pieces not only from those activities which are more or less known (MTPL business, life insurances), but from reinsurance as well. Playing with different distribution channels, can be used in real life.
Capital management, solvency and dividend policy we also met with in the insurance game, and it was continued in the Banking simulation on an advanced level. I liked in the banking simulation that we got some insight on the impacts on capital and solvency of on-balance movements and we saw the reasons for certain off-balance items.

Tibor Mészáros
Head of savings, investment and business development marketing, K&H Bank, Hungary

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Vlerick Bank Simulation

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