The many challenges hospitals are facing

Hospitals face a string of challenges today: adaptation to new legislation, managing budget cuts while still paying attention to necessary investments in infrastructure and technology, improving and measuring the health outcome of patients, eliminating the occurrence of incidents, striving for engaged employees and overcoming the many back and forth discussions due to their dual governance structures.

Challenges like these require hospitals to rethink the processes they use to deliver care and cures to their patients. However, while these processes used to be delivered within the walls of the hospitals, they are now more than ever reaching out to other healthcare providers and players in the broader field in search for continuity of care. This evolution increases complexity in many ways and thereby calls for operational excellence as a solid and necessary base to further excel in clinical and service quality. Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre has its own research network for hospital operations management, called MINOZ. Its objective is to generate and spread insights by bringing together theoretical frameworks, practical knowledge, applied and focused research, benchmarking and case studies.

What’s next?

  • What will be the next steps for hospitals in horizontal and vertical collaboration? Should we foster the creation of health networks?  

  • How do you ride the wave of lean management in healthcare and both improve outcome and the cost of your processes?

  • How do you enhance the flow of thinking within the organisation and shape an adequate governance structure?

  • Why is it so difficult to make clear choices in the positioning of your service or organisation?

  • How ready are you to enter the tender purchasing process and how will it evolve over time?

  • What does business intelligence mean for hospitals and how can this be exploited not only strategically, but also operationally?

Brecht Cardoen
Brecht Cardoen is Assistant Professor in Service Operations Management at Vlerick Business School and a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Business and Economics of KU Leuven. He received his PhD in Applied Economics from KU Leuven on the impact of optimisation techniques on hospital operating theatres (2009). In 2012 Brecht was Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, UK. His teaching activities focus on decision sciences for business, management integration and business statistics. His research interests are on optimisation and decision sciences in services with a particular interest in healthcare services. He heads MINOZ, a research centre for hospital operations management and is responsible for Vlerick’s Healthcare Management Day.

The many challenges hospitals are facing

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