Digital Technologies

While traditionally the healthcare and life sciences industry has thrived on intellectual property and product features, brought to market through a personal and detailing-driven sales model, there is now an increased interest in engaging with all key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem through digital technologies. In order to get closer to patients, physicians, providers, and payers, as well as accommodate changing customer expectations, technology advancements, and cost containment pressures, healthcare and life science firms need to radically rethink their strategies.

The uptake of digital technologies* by patients to manage their health, whether from a tech start-up or an Internet behemoth, and the sheer advancements in the performance of these technologies, require incumbents to formulate and execute digital strategies that benefit from disruption, and that will both drive financial performance and optimize patient well-being. [* In all its formats including the use of social media, big data, mobile, “wearables,” Internet of Things / sensors, and “ingestibles” that can both track body signals and potentially intervene in disease management.]

What’s next?

  • How can healthcare service organisations, biopharmaceutical & medical technology companies formulate a digital strategy that drives their performance?

  • How do you plan digital initiatives in line with that strategy?

  • Which business processes do you need to support this offer on the web?

  • How do you engage users on social media service platforms?

  • How do you leverage mobile applications?

  • How can digital technologies support the patient journey?

  • How do you evaluate the digital initiatives based on metrics derived from an organisation’s strategic priorities?

Steve Muylle
Professor of Marketing.
Steve obtained his Master’s degree and PhD in Business Engineering at Solvay Management School, Belgium, and was an ICM Doctoral Fellow and a Visiting PhD Student at the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. He was also a Lecturer and Visiting Scholar at the Edwin L. Cox School of Business and the Hart eCenter at Southern Methodist University. He is now both Partner and Professor at Vlerick Business School, and chairing the Marketing Area. He is also a Professor of B2B Marketing at Ghent University and serves as an Independent Director on corporate boards.

Digital Technologies

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