Is there 1 secret formula to manage?

What was Bas Leinders’ (Executive Development Programme, 2015) dream when he was growing up in Spa, Belgium? To become a Formula 1 driver, of course!

He pursued his dream with gusto − first, at age 11, winning a go-cart race, and then winning the European championship as well. Before he knew it, he was driving racing cars. As his career has evolved, he’s added management duties to his work. Because Bas aims for excellence in everything he does, he decided to join Vlerick’s Executive Development Programme to enhance his management skills.

Bas Leinders: “The multi-faceted EDP was perfect for me. During the programme, I put special emphasis on people management skills, as I lead 40-50 people in a race-track environment. And they all need to deliver top performance to reach our goal: winning!”

Key message:
“Management in sports is no different from management in a company − in both settings, you lead a team to achieve the best possible, whether it’s a product or service or performance.”

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