Do you need to be an engineer in a suit, to be well-suited for an MBA?

Although she says that she didn’t have a specific childhood dream, Carolina Hennings (FT MBA 2011) always loved everything associated with nature and animals.

Maybe her dream was subliminal, because today she has studied bioengineering with a focus on animal husbandry, and she works for one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology for the dairy industry.

As a Product Manager, Carolina is in charge of the automatic feeding equipment. She travels all over the world, working with both dairy farmers and her product distributors; and she’s particularly proud of the fact that the end-product of her job − milk − is served on family breakfast tables.

Because agriculture is also a complex business, Carolina decided to study for an MBA. Has she been able to apply her Vlerick insights? “It’s funny, because when I returned to my workplace, our situation was just like what we learned in the strategy courses. I felt like a subject in a case study: I thought, this is really happening!”

Key message:
“Don’t just wait until the opportunity comes − if you really want something, you have to find a way to make it happen.”

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