How the Vlerick network beats a headhunter.

“When I was little, I always wanted to improve things, or fix a broken toy − and today I am certainly fulfilling my dream, because in a company there is always something broken and I’m keen to fix it!”

Dina De Haeck (Full-Time MBA, 2011) is General Manager of Eurofins Central Laboratory in the Netherlands, a company that performs blood analyses on clinical samples. Typical customers are pharmaceutical companies developing new medicines: before they can bring a medication onto the market, they test it on people in a clinical trial, and Eurofins analyses and verifies the results of the medication.

Dina found the position at Eurofins through the Vlerick network. “I’ve used the Vlerick network twice now to find a job − for me, a headhunter cannot beat the Vlerick network!”

How did the Vlerick MBA help her development? “I learned a lot through the case studies, and through the experiences that everyone brought to the classroom. It actually felt like experience that I gained personally, even though it was through interaction with the other participants.”

“My son was just a few months old when I started the full-time MBA. When you decide to have a child, you take on the role of motherhood − but that doesn’t mean that you have to play only that role, although society can make you think so. You can choose to do other things as well − go for a career, start your own company of you want. The important thing is to make your own choice, and then go for it!”

Key message:
“You can take on the role of motherhood and do other things as well. The important thing is to make your own choice, and then go for it!”

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