From selling animals to selling software.

Because he was fond of animals, Niels Vanden Buverie’s (MFM 2012) childhood dream was to become a farmer. He started breeding rabbits, feeding them with left-over vegetables he got at the local market. In time, this evolved into a job at the market − and today, he’s using the sales skills he learned in that early marketplace.

Niels has very fond memories of his time in Vlerick’s Financial Management programme. He says that Vlerick taught him how to manage a company financially, and also “how to deliver huge amounts of work, with quality, on time”!

After Vlerick, he started a crowd-funding project called ‘Get me around the world’ so that he could travel the globe. When he returned home, he joined Teamleader − a young, rapidly growing company that had contributed to his crowd-funding project. Teamleader provides CRM, project planning and invoicing software in a single integrated online tool, and Niels is the Partnership Manager.

When he looks back over his career so far, Niels sees that all the diverse things he’s done have contributed to his development. How has the boyhood farmer evolved to become an entrepreneurial businessman? It’s clear: his path has grown organically!

Key message:
“Do the things you like to do − in the long-run, everything will add up to a beautiful story.”

In the press
Belgische start-up teamleader opent kantoor in Berlijn(in Dutch)

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