How to make a living by gamifying the world?

Peter Symons’ childhood dream was “to never work”…

Today, as the founder of OJOO − an ecosystem for mobile fun − Peter feels as though he’s never worked. And he hopes to continue feeling this way for the rest of his career!

Peter Symons: “I started a new venture called, an internet platform and software tool that people can use to create and digitise content for games and city guides and tours. We help people digitise and launch their creative ideas. Young people in Ghent have started using the word ‘Ojoo’ to mean ‘that’s cool’ or ‘wow!’ − and that’s exactly how I want the company and the product to be perceived.”

“I participated in Vlerick’s Executive MBA (2009) because I was looking for a global view on how to make a business plan, build a new product from scratch, find financing, go to market, and so on. Vlerick is a very stimulating environment for someone with a business idea, and I started OJOO immediately after my degree.”

So, do his new hires sign an emplayment contract?

Key message:
“If you see obstacles on your path, be creative and try to get around them − because other people are struggling with the same obstacles, so once you’re past them the path is open for you to succeed.”

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