Getting an MBA with 3 children? Yes we can!

Fascinated by the sea and ecology as a child, Sophie Thiebaut’s dream was to protect whales and dolphins. In her teens, she became passionate about the arts and technology. Today, as a B2B communications consultant with her own company, she helps organisations grow and develop in the areas of content marketing, marketing strategy and implementation, public relations and digital innovation.

Sophie holds degrees in Graphic Design and Communications and Marketing. Now, she is halfway through Vlerick’s 2-year Executive MBA programme, with the goal of gaining insight into how companies operate so that she can take her consultancy to the next level.

It seems that Sophie’s dream of saving sea animals has transformed into helping enterprises thrive in their ecosystems… “The MBA programme is a hugely broadening experience,” she says. “My ambition is to help companies grow in a sustainable way − by which I also mean: with respect for people and the community. I think that’s the future of companies and entrepreneurship.”

Key message:
“Dare to be different − your different perspective can be an added value.”

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