How many balls does it take to become an entrepreneur?

Wim Ballieu (SME Excellence 2009) had one outstanding dream when he was little: to cook at the Royal Palace for the King and Queen of Belgium. And when he turned 26, he was invited to do just that!

But there was a down side: what do you do when you’ve fulfilled your dream and you’re only 26? Become an entrepreneur, of course! Today, Wim is running ‘Balls & Glory’ − a fast-growing brand of handcrafted meatballs with restaurants and shops.

Th first B&G opened in 2012 as a pop-up lunch restaurant in Ghent. The fourth restaurant opened recently (this time in Brussels), and you can also buy these healthy gourmet meatballs at a B&G food truck and at Delhaize supermarkets. A crowning touch: in 2013, Balls & Glory was named ‘Best Food Concept in Europe’.

Wim wants to roll out his brand internationally − ultimately, with a landmark B&G restaurant in NYC. So, his gloriously ballsy dream has taken on kingly proportions. Serving His Majesty? Why not: B&G’s home delivery service is called ‘Royal Delivery’…

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Gehaktballen Wim Ballieu eindelijk ook in Brussel (in Dutch)

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