Are you interested in not just how to make things work but why they do in the first place? Are you eager to apply your insight and experience to pushing the boundaries of your discipline? Do you have a natural penchant for sharing your knowledge in the interests of collective progress? Then academic research could very well be the spark you’re looking for. As a long-established academic institution ourselves with strong ties to the world of business, we are here to help you explore the opportunities.

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know the academic scene
  3. Meet your match 

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1. Know yourself

Want to talk about whether an academic career is right for you? Or would you like more information about the possibilities at Vlerick Business School? Contact our academic coach: Eva Cools (+ 32 9 210 97 78).

It’s only when you know your true potential that you will find meaningful ways to unleash it on the world. Ask yourself, “what are my strengths?”, “what really motivates me?”, “what am I good at?”, “what are my values?” and “what do I really want to achieve?”. You might find that your next big career move has been staring you in the face all along! 

Check out these interesting personality and career tests. They’ll help you find out what makes you, you… and what career paths will help turn those qualities into personal and professional success.

2. Know the academic scene

As part of the global academic community, you will be on the cutting edge between theoretical exploration and practical application. No more so than at Vlerick Business School, the academic world forms fertile soil for developing new insights and making a positive contribution to the future world of business and society at large.

Are you a recent graduate? Interested in pursuing a PhD as part of adopting a full-time position at Vlerick Business School? 

Are you a senior executive eager to develop a rigorous theoretical grounding in your chosen field?

3. Meet your match

Are you convinced your future career track leads towards academia? We are here to help you find and embark on the most rewarding path. As a first port of call, take a look at the various online job sites and markets tailored to the scientific and academic world below:

Second, you might want to find out which topics are worth studying by exploring the existing knowledge base and identifying relevant research gaps.

  • Vlerick Repository: search on domains that interests you to find all output written by Vlerick faculty and researchers 
  • Vlerick Library: consult the library catalogue and databases for relevant literature
  • Google Scholar: find scholarly articles from all over the world to back up your research idea

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