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Recently graduated? Ready to kick-start your career? This is an exciting time! And there are opportunities all around if you know where to look. But since your first career moves can often have a lasting impact, it’s important to get it right from the word “go”. Which is why we’re here to help get your show on the (right) road.

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know the job market
  3. Meet your match
  4. Let's talk salaries

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1. Know yourself

They say you’re only ever one decision away from making a radical change to your life. But taking those big life decisions can be agonisingly difficult. According to Ruth Chang, however, that’s only because we usually look at them the wrong way. Check out her powerful new framework for shaping who we truly are:

It’s only when you know your true potential that you will find meaningful ways to unleash it on the world. Ask yourself, “what are my strengths?”, “what really motivates me?”, “what am I good at?”, “what are my values?” and “what do I really want to achieve?”. 

Check out these interesting personality and career tests. They’ll help you find out what makes you, you… and what career paths will help turn those qualities into personal and professional success.

2. Know the job market

Once you know what you’re looking for, the next step is to find out what’s out there. Chances are your dream job is waiting for you around one of the following corners:

3. Meet your match

Found that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Now all you have to do is land it, right? Some tips and tricks to make sure you’re fully prepared:

  • Putting together a CV that will perfectly pitch your skills is a skill in its own right. Not much of a wizard with Word? Here are some online CV building tools with customisable templates that will help you make a stellar first impression.
  • There are tons of websites on how to write a killer CV and cover letter. Check out some of our basic guidelines and examples.
  • More and more companies work with video interviews as a first step in the recruitment journey. If you haven’t come across it yet, you surely will soon! Which is why we offer you tips on the kinds of questions to expect and how to prepare.
  • Recruiters use LinkedIn in many different and interesting ways to source the best candidates. Follow our best practices to make sure your LinkedIn profile is on point.
  • Analytical tests have become a standard part of current recruitment practice. Though most recruiters will tell you it’s impossible to improve your score, our experience shows that practice can actually make a difference. We’ve listed a few free online tests for you to try out.

4. Let's talk salaries

OK, so you’ve made it through the final round. Time to talk salaries! Check out our FAQ on salary negotiations along with some basic salary benchmarks.

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