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Geert Lagae (PUB 1991)

Geert Lagae MGM

You can consider an education at the Vlerick Business School as a mere starting point, a training in business skills and the handover of a toolbox for your career. However, the approach and programme intensity of Vlerick sets things in motion : you meet your best friends for life, you pick up ideas and opportunities to shape your future. Joining the Alumni allows you to continue your development, be it through content or through networking or meeting new people.
In the end we are here to support you,

"So may a thousand actions, once afoot,
End in one purpose"
Henry V, Shakespeare


Meet the MGM Club Board

Lode Asselman MGM
Lode Asselman
Vincent Boydens MGM
Vincent Boydens
Yves De Backer MGM
Yves De Backer
Martine Dykmans MGM
Martine Dykmans 
Esther Dyselinck MGM
Esther Dyselinck
Matthias Gouwy MGM
Matthias Gouwy
 Karel Lemahieu MGM
Karel Lemahieu
 mgm-club Thomas Longeval MGM
Thomas Longeval
 Rudi Lepomme MGM
Rudi Lepomme
Louis Notteboom MGM
Louis Notteboom
 Valérie Schepens MGM
Valérie Schepens
Ludo Theunissen MGM
Ludo Theunissen
 Christian Van Den Heede
Van Den Heede
 Jan Van de Vyver
Jan Van de Vyver

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