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Upon reception of your payment, we will activate your membership and you will receive an automatic email.

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Step 1
Decide upon the membership formula (with its particular benefits) and check the applicable fee. You can choose between:

Silver            € 65 (until 31/12/2018)
    If you wish to participate to our Global Alumni Winter Reunion of 19 December 2018 we suggest you register as a Gold member and can join for FREE!

Gold          € 75 (from 01/09/2018 till 31/12/18)

Platinum       € 600 (until 31/12/2018) 

Step 2
Transfer the membership fee to our bank account. You can do this via 2 ways:

1. Transfer the fee to our bank account number, clearly stating
"Firstname, Lastname, Programme, Graduation Year and chosen formula"

Vlerick Business School, Reep 1, B-9000 Gent
IBAN: BE18 7785 9571 6865
2. Pay online via this link. Please note that an extra fee will be charged by the payment provider
Avoid this fee by transferring the membership fee to our bank account.
This is possible with all common credit and debit cards (see below):

Payment methods

 Step 3
Check if your email address and your contact data are still correct by logging into your My Vlerick account.

Forgot your login and/or password? Send us an e-mail via: [email protected]
IMPORTANT! We activate your membership after reception of your payment. Please be advised that this can take a couple of working days. Once your membership is activated, you will receive an email with more practical information.

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We will send you the invoice within the following working days.
You can pay upon receipt of the invoice. Important: the membership will be activated as soon as we have received the fee on our bank account.

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