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  • In 2017, Vlerick Alumni will communicate every 3 weeks via the electronic newsletters with more than 21,000 alumni in more than 100 countries.
  • The two electronic newsletters are sent alternately.
  • Via E-Connect the alumni are informed about on the most important events in Belgium and abroad, presenting links to interesting speeches, press articles featuring fellow alumni, news from the School, interesting career opportunities etc.
  • The Events’ Calendar gives an overview of the upcoming events with direct inscription link.
Periodicity & Reach?
  • E-Connect: every 6 weeks
  • Events’ Calendar: 3 weeks after E-Connect
  • Reach: 21,000 alumni in more than 100 countries
  • Every newsletter can contain only 1 banner, which is prominently placed on the upper side
  • It's also possible to promote a vacancy at the bottom of our newsletter
Dates of appearance 2018
 Econnect  Events Calendar
24 January 14 February
7 March          17 April
9 May 20 June
29 Augustus 19 September
17 October  21 November
                   19 December
1 banner in our E-connect or Events Calendar newsletter (price per banner per newsletter) €2,000
2 banners: combination E-Connect + Events' Calendar for a wider reach and more visibility 
(= 2 newsletters in 6 weeks)
promote your vacancy in the list at the bottom in our newsletter (price per newsletter)
(! special price for Gold & Platinum alumni members: €300 per newsletter)
  • Degressive rates in case of more insertions. Contact us!
Technical Details
  • File: jpg or GIF file
  • Format: 540 pixels wide x 226 pixels high
  • No Flash files possible!

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Submission of advertising material
  • Send to:
    Lucy Siau clearly stating: clearly indicating “Banner newsletter, client and date”.

  • Any questions?
    Contact Lucy Siau
    Tel.: + 32 9 210 98 79
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