Why is being a doctor no longer enough these days?

Dr Bart Claikens’ dream was to become a medical doctor in order to help heal people. As a little boy, he took his sister’s dolls, operated on them, and then sewed them back up again… His sister was not pleased at all − but Bart loved it!

Today, combining his medical profession with his fascination with technology, he is a Radiologist, specialised in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and in charge of the Medical Department at AZ Damiaan Hospital in Ostend.

In 2016, Bart participated in Vlerick’s Executive MBA programme, where he learned a lot from his fellow participants active in other industries. He believes in the benefit of taking knowledge from industries outside the healthcare field and applying it to the hospital environment.

He also values business education very highly: “Being a doctor is no longer enough these days − you also need management and leadership skills. I think it’s very important that senior physicians and hospital administrators speak the same language and take strategic decisions together in fulfilling the hospital’s mission.”

It’s been a long journey from the days of operating on his sister’s dolls. But at this point, Dr Claikens would undoubtedly agree with his sister that non-surgical interventions are best.

Key message:
“In my opinion, working with, and taking care of, people is one of the most beautiful things you can do in life. And to be effective, you must first connect with people and then lead them.”

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