How to bring Russian public healthcare to a new level?

When he was a young boy, Ilya Ivanov (Executive MBA 2008) liked to play with toy soldiers − and he would imagine himself leading the troops. Although he never became a military general, he did become an Executive Director − and now he has everyone marching to a different drummer: healthcare services of private-clinic quality … free of charge.

His organisation − Euromed Group − is a network of public-private healthcare providers, based in St. Petersburg. Their goal: to make modern medicine available to everyone in Russia. “We act as a subconscious change agent,” Ilya says. “When we serve people on a very different level, we see that the whole system progresses.

“In my day-to-day work, I remember clearly the courses I took at Vlerick and the learning experience you receive there. One of the key things I received is the broad view of ‘how things are done’. Right now, we’re applying a lot of concepts that I heard for the first time at Vlerick.

“The most important aspect of the Vlerick MBA is the connections you make with people. I was there 8 years ago, and I still call on the contacts and friends I made there. Every business, no matter what it is, is about people − only.” Mr Ivanov, we salute you!

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