Mentorship for students

Throughout the academic year, the different Belgian alumni clubs organize mentorship evenings for students. You will be able to meet a vast group of alumni, whom you can ask questions related to your career choices, such as:

  • Should I work for a multinational or a SME?
  • Should I focus on a function that fits my basic education program or go for a broader perspective?
  • Should I stay in Belgium or go abroad?
  • Where do I get more inside information on company XYZ?
  • ...

mentorship-for-students      mentorship-for-students

mentorship-for-students      mentorship-for-students

The alumni will also broaden your network and introduce you to many other experienced alumni. Many times these evenings can even be the start for a lasting personal mentorship between you and an alumnus.
Keep an eye on the alumni events calendar or consult your coordinator to know the dates of the mentorship evenings. Do not hesitate to contact the alumni office in Ghent for more info!

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