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The Progress Coins Club aims to ignite and kindle a vibrant group of fellow Vlerick Alumni into a community that is interested in Personal- & Team Development in order to survive, prosper and find happiness in a fast changing world. This Club is a unique environment to share and leverage each other's specific knowledge, expertise and experience and stay current with the latest science, maverick insights & proven practices on these topics.


The Progress Coins Club lets you achieve professional & personal progress and adaptability by learning from and interacting with our high-level keynote speakers and with each other. This includes topics concerning technical skills, human- & social competencies, spiritual & wisdom related, life style know-how, appreciating arts and grasping the complexities of many facets of our fast changing world so that we can adapt timely to them.

Your professional and personal progress is cumulative and valuable; you are building a treasure of coins that you will have to spend wisely during the rest of your life!


The Progress Coins Club organises events such as evening lectures, panel discus- sions and off-site weekend(s), in hybrid format, i.e. physical gatherings with life videoconferencing access for the evening lectures, that are also recorded and made available on the Vlerick Business School website. Off-site weekend(s) require physical presence.

Based on feedback from hundreds of alumni who participated in lectures on Personal Development in the period 2013-2019, we construct the content of the next series of events for the period 2021-2022.


Membership of this Club is for the Alumni of the Vlerick Business School that are leaders or managers in public or private sector, consultants, independents, young or old, based in Belgium or not.


A dedicated team of alumni and faculty represent the driving force behind the club. Under the direction of the Head Volunteer, they are responsible for the daily management of the club as well as organising its various activities. Reach out for more information or details on how you can contribute.

Raf Cools

Head Volunteer
Rudi Lepomme
Alumnus of PUB/MGM 1977
E: [email protected]
T: +33 7 6743 9253



Interested in exchanging ideas, insights or even just good times with like-minded alumni in an informal setting? Sign up today! Membership is free for full Alumni members and students of the School. In some cases, other interested parties may be eligible to join. Please contact [email protected] for details and pricing.

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Brussels Campus 
Ghent Campus

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Monday 11/10/2021 (7PM) Brussels Campus Panel
The need for Personal Development now and in the next decade
Prof. Koen Dewettinck
Monday 8/11/2021 (7 PM) Brussels Campus Workshop
Always change a winning team
Mr. Filip Fiers
Monday 13/12/2021 (7 PM) Brussels Campus Lecture
Global obligation of diversification versus individual need for identification
Prof. Smaranda Boros
Monday 24/1/2022 (7 PM) Brussels Campus Panel
Requisite adaptability for life in the future city: shopping, learning, mobility, socialising, ...
Mr. Rudi Lepomme
Monday 21/2/2022 (7 PM) Brussels Campus Lecture
The Wheel of Life: 6 styles of being imprisoned and becoming free again
Mr. Douwe Nutterts
Monday 21/3/2022 (7 PM) Brussels Campus Lecture
The latest science and experience on how to deal with Burn-Out
Prof. Elke Van Hoof
Friday 22/4/2022 - Sunday 24/4/2022 Ghent Campus
Monday 23/5/2022 (7 PM) Brussels Campus Lecture
Fairness in Leadership
Prof. David Patient
Monday 13/6/2022 (7 PM) Brussels Campus Lecture
Trends in Talent Management
Prof. Koen Dewettinck



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