Public transport in Belgium

Public transport in Belgium is managed on the regional level. This means that Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia all have separate public transport companies. The tickets bought for a certain line are only valid in the respective transport companies.

  • Ghent and Leuven campus are located in Flanders and therefore the operating public transport company is De Lijn.
  • In Brussels the network is operated by STIB. Busses going outside of the Brussels capital region, which are operated by a different company, will require a separate ticket.

Public transportation in Ghent and Leuven

Several bus routes allow you to travel through Ghent/Leuven or through one of the neighbouring towns (Bruges, Antwerp, etc.). To determine the fare of a bus ride, Ghent, Leuven and their surroundings have been divided into zones. The price that you have to pay for a ticket depends on the number of zones that you travel through. You can choose between 4 different ways of paying for your ride.

  • For a single journey in the city centre on a city bus or tram, you can buy a ticket for 1 hour from the driver, which you should stamp in the machine on the opposite side of the entry door. You can also buy the ticket at a vending machine or a sms-ticket, which typically is a cheaper option. This ticket remains valid for 1 hour’s journey in town, including changes of bus/tram without restriction. 
  • A day ticket allows you to travel through Ghent or Leuven on any tram or bus you like during the whole day. 
  • Probably you will be using city buses or trams more regularly. Then you are better off buying a ‘Lijnkaart’ which you stamp each time you make a journey. 
  • If you will be using the buses and trams for longer period, it might be a lot cheaper to buy a ‘season ticket’. Depending on your age, you can buy a ‘Buzzy Pazz’ or an ‘Omnipas’. Both tickets are valid always and everywhere on buses and trams of ‘De Lijn’. You can also use these season tickets in other Flemish cities.

More information can be obtained at the shops of ‘De Lijn’ (‘Lijnwinkels’).

Public transport in Brussels

The public transport network in Brussels is operated by STIB. All timetables and live information can be found on the website. The Brussels campus is well connected by metro (lines 2 and 6), tram (lines 3, 4, 25 and 55) using the stop Rogier. There are also many bus routes that pass by the campus. The closest train station to the campus is the Gare de Bruxelles-Nord.

The best way to use public transport in Brussels is with a Mobib card which you can buy at large metro stations for €5. You can then purchase 10 journeys (JUMP 10) at a time for €14 which will be loaded onto your Mobib card. Alternatively, you can buy a subscription for the public transport system. If you are using public transport every day, this may be better value for money. You can find out more information about the different types of subscriptions on the STIB website.

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