Temporary Housing

We advise you to visit several places before securing an accommodation, to compare options and have the chance to see the area and the offer. You can use some of the temporary accommodations, mentioned in our International Guides for your first days in Belgium until you can move in your new apartment.

Permanent Housing

Upon your arrival in Belgium, you will receive more information on housing from last year's students within your student city. You will also be invited to a student Facebook page, to check amongst your fellow students, who is still looking for accommodation.
Upon your arrival, when walking trough the city, you will see that there are a lot of rooms/apartments/studios available (orange forms: TE HUUR/A LOUER) in each student city. Just call to the phone number indicated on the form and arrange a meeting with the landlords in order to visit the available accommodation. In the meantime, feel free to already consult the webpages mentioned in the International Guides.

International Guide to BrusselsGhent - Leuven

Tips & tricks when renting a room/studio

  • Read the contract and ask all questions before signing an agreement. Normally Belgian contracts are in French/Dutch, but you can check a standard English contract from the housing organisation Kotagent.

  • To be able to register in the town hall to get your resident card, you must be able to use the address of the room/apartment. Make sure to check whether that is possible with the landlord.

  • A deposit of 1 to 3 months rent is usually asked to cover possible damages and cleaning upon your departure. If you leave everything clean and without damages, you will be fully refunded.

  • Make sure you know what is included in the costs (water, electricity, heating…) and what the extra costs per month will imply and how they are calculated.

  • Check if the room/studio is furnished/unfurnished so you can calculate what you need to foresee extra.

  • Make an inventory of possible damages to the property together with the landlord as soon as you are in. If you have individual counters for water/electricity, it is good to take note of the meter reader when you move in.

Still have questions regarding accommodation? Don’t hesitate to contact the International Office team!


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