Belfius Bank is an autonomous Belgian banking and insurance group which is fully held by the Belgian federal state through the Federal Holding and Investment Company. The bank’s shares are not listed.

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  1. “Does my 'smart project' tie in with my city's digital strategy?”

    Date: 17/05/2018
    “Local governments need a tool which allows them to check a ‘smart project’ in their city or municipality against their digital transformation strategy.” Having identified this need in the field, Belfius (the bank which local authorities and public services have used for many years) turned to Vlerick. Working together, they soon developed an objective assessment and analysis tool which works for both international cities and rural municipalities.
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  2. “Time for action!”

    Date: 08/03/2017
    The Belgian bank and insurer Belfius is also working on smart cities in the renewed Prime Foundation Partnership. “The complex ecosystem has been mapped out. We are ready to play our role in smart cities to the full”, Fanny De Pauw, Karmen Wijnant and the supervising professor Stijn Viaene tell us.
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  3. Raising the bar for smart city ecosystems

    Date: 26/09/2016
    Smart cities all around the world are reimagining their future with technology as the new normal. At the same time different definitions abound about what being smart actually means. In order to make the distinction between which projects are mere digital “pixie dust” and which ones will truly reshape the urban future, a better framing is necessary. Ecosystems are a key part to frame which elements will be important in realising truly smart cities. A truly smart city will be that city that succeeds in understanding, activating, orchestrating, servicing and reinventing the complex ecosystems it consists of. In the long run the active management of ecosystems will be more decisive for smart city ambition success than vision, political commitment or technological ability.
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  4. An adaptive ecosystem for smarter cities

    Date: 14/04/2016
    What are the building blocks required to create an active, smart and adaptive ecosystem for smart cities and municipalities? Together with the Belgian banker to municipalities Belfius, we are aiming to identify those elements that actually cross traditional boundaries and ultimately lead to a multi-municipal approach.
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