Bluecrux helps clients to transform since 2011. Clients such as Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Bridgestone, Tereos, Cargill, Bekaert, Roche and Kingfisher, to name just a few. Their desire to work closely with them is also reflected in our global presence, with offices in both Europe and the US.

Their +100 business experts connect the dots between strategy & operation, people & technology and between process & change, embracing the human factor of every action, and forming a bridge with technology that harnesses the full power of innovation. They work efficiently, sustainably and across multiple areas: from supply chain planning and digital operations to distribution and customer intelligence.

Through co-creation with international clients, they have developed powerful tools over the years. Thanks to Binocs, clients can plan their knowledge workers better, while helps them build their digital supply chain twin. Both provide unique capabilities that, together with the insight they have acquired, allow companies to predict, optimize and amplify their end-to-end value chain. To discover more, visit

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  1. How can man and machine work together in the smart supply chain?

    Date: 28/02/2019
    How do you get your people to adopt the smart technology that is invading the supply chain? How can man and machine work together? What about trust? These are the questions our new Centre on People in the Smart, Digitised Supply Chain will dive into. At the steering wheel are professors Ann Vereecke and Karlien Vanderheyden.
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