Fluvius is the new utility company created by the merger of Eandis and Infrax, which took place on 1st July 2018. Fluvius is responsible for the construction, management and maintenance of distribution grids for electricity, natural gas, sewerage, cable distribution and heat, and manages the municipal public lighting park. In total, the company manages 230,000 kilometres of utility grids and 7 million connections. Fluvius is active in all 300 Flemish municipalities.


Latest Fluvius news

  1. “Connect society through a sustainable multi-utility network”

    Date: 17/11/2020
    How can we manage our physical assets sustainably? How can we tap into the circular economy? How can we link the distribution of electricity and gas to that of other utilities like drinking water? And how can we introduce new technologies such as blockchain? Together with Vlerick, Chair Partner Fluvius is embarking on an ambitious research project with one goal in mind: mastering the supply chain game to guarantee utility traffic that is sustainable, affordable and also future-proof.
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  2. “How can we keep energy distribution manageable for consumers and the environment?”

    Date: 06/11/2020
    Distribution system operator Fluvius will be continuing the DSO Chair at the Energy Centre with Vlerick for another five years. “Vlerick makes us take a critical look at ourselves, and that makes sense. After all, no single energy player has all the answers to the question of how we can keep energy distribution manageable for consumers and the environment.” Professor Leonardo Meeus and Donald Vanbeveren (Corporate Affairs Director at Fluvius) talk about this renewed commitment.
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  3. What makes financial planning in a regulated environment so different?

    Date: 25/03/2019
    A considerable number of case studies on financial planning have been developed, but it is more difficult to find ones that deal with financial planning in a regulated environment. For the Future Grid Managers Programme, Professor Filip Roodhooft, along with colleagues from the Energy Centre, straight away developed two that play out in the regulated energy sector. In the leading roles are the Belgian distribution system operator (DSO) Eandis, now Fluvius, and the French transmission system operator (TSO) Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE).
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  4. The future of DSOs

    Date: 26/02/2019
    The energy transition is changing the energy ecosystem. In recent years, power generation and distribution have become more decentralised. DSOs now find themselves at the centre of change, operating the grid which all these new players – producers and prosumers – want to connect to and use. In 2018 the DSO Chair organised two workshops to discuss topical issues facing the future of DSOs: (1) energy communities and (2) regulatory sandboxes. This white paper provides a round-up of the findings and insights from each workshop as well as suggesting areas for further exploration.
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  5. Regulatory sandboxes: experimenting with energy regulation

    Date: 25/01/2019
    On 7 February, the names Eandis and Infrax will disappear to make way for the new company Fluvius. “Although the merger is in line with the economic logic and political momentum, that doesn’t make the challenges any smaller.” That is why the Director of Regulation & Strategy Donald Vanbeveren and our energy professor Leonardo Meeus have decided to supplement the chair's traditional one-on-one research with interactive workshops. The first workshop was about regulatory sandboxes – and Donald pronounced it “super!”
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  6. “Smart meters accelerating change”

    Date: 12/03/2018
    With the smart metering proof of concept and pilot phases completed, Eandis can take pride in the upcoming roll-out of an ambitious project that started way back in 2007. Heads-up with Jean-Pierre Hollevoet from Eandis, Professor Behzad Samii and researcher Olga Varganova.
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  7. Negotiation Intelligence at Eandis

    Date: 08/12/2016
    The energy sector is a dynamic playing field. For a major Belgian player such as Eandis, it is important to take an agile stance. “Being able to react fast and anticipate intelligently is what it’s all about. That also plays a crucial role in negotiations, as the results of our Prime Foundation Partnership at the Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® have demonstrated. In the coming three years, we aim to deepen this consultation model and transfer it to our internal and external stakeholders,” Werner Verlinden, HR Director of Eandis, tells us.
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