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  1. Power-to-gas is the future. What should regulators bear in mind?

    Date: 03/09/2019
    Doctoral researcher Martin Roach developed an economic model for power-to-gas (PTG) that anticipates the EU and Belgian regulation of sector coupling. “Being one of the first to take into account market dynamics, it provides timely and valuable input to the debate”, says a proud professor Leonardo Meeus.
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  2. Did you say renewable gas?

    Date: 04/12/2018
    By 2050, we need to keep the increase in the global average temperature below 2°C – and ideally below 1.5°C. In order to achieve this goal, the Holy Grail is to switch to electricity en masse. ‘And what about natural gas?’ asked the natural gas transporter Fluxys. “Gas is also renewable. Over the next five years, we want to explore how we can link the – underexplored – possibilities of gas to those of electricity.” And rightly so, because hardly anyone still believes that the future will be entirely electric in 2050.
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