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  1. What are the consequences of the Green Deal for Belgium’s energy system?

    Date: 24/11/2020
    “Flexibility” and “The role of hydrogen, green gas and other molecules in Belgium”: these were the topics of the two round tables organised this year as part of the Prime Foundation Partnership with KPMG. To conclude the three-year partnership, and in anticipation of a further collaboration, Professor Leonardo Meeus and Jorn De Neve, Partner, Head of Advisory and Head of the Energy Sector at KPMG, look back on their work.
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  2. A Belgian Interfederal Energy Pact? Fortunately, there is Europe.

    Date: 26/10/2018
    Within Vlerick's Prime Foundation Partnership with KPMG round-table meetings are being organised, discussing the Belgian energy policy. “We want to act as a sounding board for ideas to achieve the transition to a low-carbon energy system,” says Professor Leonardo Meeus. What started out as a discussion on the Belgian Interfederal Energy Pact evolved towards a broader European focus within the framework of the Energy Union Governance Regulation, stipulating that all member states must prepare a detailed national plan for 2021-2030 describing their ambitions and measures with regard to their energy and climate strategy. Professor Leonardo Meeus and Jorn De Neve (KPMG) share their thoughts.
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  3. “With all energy players around the table”

    Date: 15/06/2018
    The energy pact that all governments signed at the end of March finally creates a framework for the energy transition in our country. It also immediately increases the pressure on all energy players to enter into the debate. “In the new Prime Foundation Partnership, Vlerick and KPMG aim to act as the sounding board for the entire energy ecosystem, through workshops.” Jorn De Neve of KPMG and Professor Leonardo Meeus reflect on this pivotal moment.
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  4. “Cyber-attacks cost companies more in terms of reputational than IT damage”

    Date: 03/05/2017
    Not enough companies are sufficiently aware of the risks of hacking, or know how to prevent it to the greatest extent possible. A study conducted by KPMG revealed that 80% of the respondents’ systems were infected with malware and 60% even with crimeware. According to Professor Öykü Isik an approach that focuses exclusively on IT is simply not enough. “You need a corporate strategy for that! After all, your customers and your reputation are under threat!”
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  5. Energy sector gearing up for digital transformation

    Date: 17/01/2017
    Distribution system operators are facing a radical digital transformation of their business model. They could go from purely managing the physical infrastructure to acting as data hubs or neutral distributors of energy data as well. Are we on the verge of an ‘Uberisation’ of the energy sector? Stijn Viaene, Professor at Vlerick Business School, believes we are.
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  6. “Together in uncharted territory”

    Date: 27/08/2016
    The rise of new forms of decentral energy production and the growing importance of the prosumer has forced DSOs to thoroughly review their business model. "Data analytics are an essential part of this,' says Jorn De Neve (KPMG). Via interviews with data professionals and a case study of Enedis KPMG wants to map the digitization of DSOs.
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