MSD Belgium bvba/sprl is the Belgian subsidiary of Merck, a leading research-based pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of innovative pharmaceutical products, in order to improve the life of patients in Belgium and around the world. The company is known as Merck in the United States and Canada. Everywhere else, it is known as MSD.

Latest MSD news

  1. High time for utopian thinking

    Date: 14/11/2016
    “If we wish to retain our Belgian healthcare, all parties need to want to strive together towards an ideal solution, just like Thomas More in ‘Utopia’ 500 years ago.” This is also why MSD has signed up again to a Knowledge Partnership.
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  2. Solutions driving change

    Date: 16/04/2014
    MSD Belgium recently entered into a Knowledge Partnership with Vlerick. The focus is on MSD’s membership of MINOZ, our research platform for hospital operations management, which brings together our researchers, representatives from hospitals, and healthcare industry partners. MSD has been a corporate partner and member of MINOZ for some years now. Jan Vertriest, Business Unit Director Immunology at MSD, explains why they wanted to continue their collaboration with us.
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