As a corporate partner, you are invited to several networking events:

  • Our Annual Partner Research Forum, will take place annually. This Forum is hosted by one of the Chairs / Prime Foundations Partners. Goal is to provide all participants with output from leading research and peer to peer contact with the top management and faculty of the School.

  • At the beginning of the academic year our Masters students are invited to the Meet the Corporates event. The intention behind the event is to give our Masters students the opportunity to meet with the corporate partner companies and for the partners to fully showcase their company to potential new recruits. This event is part of the students’ curriculum and thus obligatory for them to attend.

  • The Meet The Corporates - MBA Talent Day is an exclusive opportunity to connect Vlerick Corporate Partners and other leading international companies looking for top managerial talent with our current Full-Time and Executive MBA participants. A unique chance to get to know and challenge MBA talents, so make sure not to miss this opportunity.

Check the upcoming networking events for our corporate partners.

  1. How do other scale-ups do it?

    Date :

    When Deloitte and Vlerick began collaborating on entrepreneurship in 2014, there were plenty of initiatives for start-ups. But once they were ready to progress and had reached the scale-up phase, their managers were generally left to their own devices. The past three years have shown that there was a need for a community of like-minded people. Now our aim is to further strengthen that community and to meet the needs of the new generation of ‘born globals’ with the help of useful benchmarks. Because their burning question remains: how do other scale-ups do it?

  2. Young Belgian scale-ups consider the world their playground

    Date :

    Young Belgian companies with ambitions to grow set the bar for growth higher and higher. These scale-ups do not shy away from taking the step to sell aboard, where they generate nearly 30 percent of their total turnover. They are growing smart and are doing so primarily through less risk and hybrid ways for growth, such as licences and strategic alliances. Finally, the average salary that the founders pay themselves has remained constant in the last three years. These are the most significant conclusions of the third edition of the Rising Star Monitor. This annual survey by the Vlerick Business School and Deloitte Belgium provides insight into the trends and challenges for young Belgian companies with growth potential.

  3. A Belgian Interfederal Energy Pact? Fortunately, there is Europe.

    Date :

    Within Vlerick's Prime Foundation Partnership with KPMG round-table meetings are being organised, discussing the Belgian energy policy. “We want to act as a sounding board for ideas to achieve the transition to a low-carbon energy system,” says Professor Leonardo Meeus. What started out as a discussion on the Belgian Interfederal Energy Pact evolved towards a broader European focus within the framework of the Energy Union Governance Regulation, stipulating that all member states must prepare a detailed national plan for 2021-2030 describing their ambitions and measures with regard to their energy and climate strategy. Professor Leonardo Meeus and Jorn De Neve (KPMG) share their thoughts.

  4. Digital strategies you can work with

    Date :

    How can we help clients rethink their interactions with customers in the digital age? How can we help them rethink their products and services? On 19 June Vlerick and Accenture presented the frameworks they have developed within the Digital Chair.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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