As a corporate partner, you are invited to several networking events:

  • Our Annual Partner Research Forum, will take place annually. This Forum is hosted by one of the Chairs / Prime Foundations Partners. Goal is to provide all participants with output from leading research and peer to peer contact with the top management and faculty of the School.

  • At the beginning of the academic year our Masters students are invited to the Meet the Corporates event. The intention behind the event is to give our Masters students the opportunity to meet with the corporate partner companies and for the partners to fully showcase their company to potential new recruits. This event is part of the students’ curriculum and thus obligatory for them to attend.

  • The Meet The Corporates - MBA Talent Day is an exclusive opportunity to connect Vlerick Corporate Partners and other leading international companies looking for top managerial talent with our current Full-Time and Executive MBA participants. A unique chance to get to know and challenge MBA talents, so make sure not to miss this opportunity.

Check the upcoming networking events for our corporate partners.

  1. Opportunity to touch base with M&A Centre partners

    Date :

    In early May, Professor Mathieu Luypaert presented the results of the M&A Monitor. The large audience, of course, included our three Prime Foundation Partners, who are active in the Centre for Mergers, Acquisitions & Buy-outs. A perfect opportunity to touch base about their partnership.

  2. Increase in acquisition prices in Belgium has come to a standstill

    Date :

    It appears the merger and acquisition market in Belgium has reached its turning point. For the first time in six years, the sustained rise in acquisition prices has not continued. However the number of transactions did continue to grow, even though there were considerably fewer foreign acquisitions in 2018. Another striking point is that the acquisition of technology and attraction of talent are gaining importance as motivations for an acquisition. Finally, when it comes to the size of transactions, smaller acquisition deals are on the increase. These are the most important conclusions of the sixth edition of the M&A Monitor, an annual survey of more than 150 Belgian merger and acquisition specialists.

  3. “Time well spent”

    Date :

    On 20 February we invited the crème de la crème of the Belgian scale-up community for the first alumni round table of the Entrepreneurship 2.0 programme, which is now on its fourth edition. The programme’s two founders, Professor Veroniek Collewaert and Deloitte’s Sam Sluismans, look back at it with satisfaction.

  4. “A fresh look at our insurance business thanks to Vlerick students”

    Date :

    After months of hard labour, the five finalists of KBC Superpitch, a marketing assignment for Vlerick Masters students, presented their cases to KBC’s senior management in the packed auditorium at KBC’s head office in Brussels. Under the guidance of Frank Goedertier, Professor of Marketing at Vlerick, and Sven Evens, Strategy & Innovation Manager at KBC Insurance, students from the Ghent, Brussels and Leuven campuses have been carefully shaping their ideas into a compact business case.

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