As a corporate partner, you are invited to several networking events:

  • At our annual Friends of Vlerick Evening, we give the floor to an internationally renowned speaker who addresses a ‘hot’ management topic. It is also an ideal opportunity to meet our other corporate partners and exchange ideas on how to develop your company or business.
  • At our annual research event, we share the insights gained from a research project conducted in collaboration with one of our Prime Foundation Partners. This event – known as the Prime Foundation Partners Council – will be revamped in 2016.

Check the upcoming networking events for our corporate partners.

  1. Negotiation Intelligence® helps VRT to sharply define the future

    Date :

    There is no lack of challenges for the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. “We have combined our action points and our vision into a new culture statement: ‘15 tasks for the VRT’. Our Prime Foundation Partnership with Vlerick within the Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® will help us to put the work into practice,” according to Paul Lembrechts, CEO of the VRT. Together with Katia Tieleman, Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management at Vlerick, and Peter Van den Broeck and Tinka Claeys, the driving forces behind the partnership with the VRT, he explains the value of this collaboration.

  2. Ter Beke continues to shape its strategic rewards

    Date :

    Ter Beke, one of our earliest corporate partners, recently renewed its Foundation Partnership. “Although rewards remain high on our research agenda, the events, seminars and training courses for our own staff form an equally important component of this partnership”, says Dirk De Backer, HR director of Ter Beke.

  3. Deloitte creates additional European leverage for annual executive pay report

    Date :

    In mid-March, Deloitte concluded a Prime Foundation Partnership with the Executive Remuneration Research Centre. The consultancy firm is thus creating a leverage effect by involving its European network in the executive remuneration figures for 700 European CEOs and CFOs that Vlerick gathers every year. A talk with Patrick Derthoo (Deloitte) and Professor Xavier Baeten.

  4. “Time for action!”

    Date :

    The Belgian bank and insurer Belfius is also working on smart cities in the renewed Prime Foundation Partnership. “The complex ecosystem has been mapped out. We are ready to play our role in smart cities to the full”, Fanny De Pauw, Karmen Wijnant and the supervising professor Stijn Viaene tell us.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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