As a corporate partner, you are invited to several networking events:

  • Our Annual Partner Research Forum, will take place annually. This Forum is hosted by one of the Chairs / Prime Foundations Partners. Goal is to provide all participants with output from leading research and peer to peer contact with the top management and faculty of the School.

  • At the beginning of the academic year our Masters students are invited to the Meet the Corporates event. The intention behind the event is to give our Masters students the opportunity to meet with the corporate partner companies and for the partners to fully showcase their company to potential new recruits. This event is part of the students’ curriculum and thus obligatory for them to attend.

  • The Meet The Corporates - MBA Talent Day is an exclusive opportunity to connect Vlerick Corporate Partners and other leading international companies looking for top managerial talent with our current Full-Time and Executive MBA participants. A unique chance to get to know and challenge MBA talents, so make sure not to miss this opportunity.

Check the upcoming networking events for our corporate partners.

  1. NEW

    “Does my 'smart project' tie in with my city's digital strategy?”

    Date :

    “Local governments need a tool which allows them to check a ‘smart project’ in their city or municipality against their digital transformation strategy.” Having identified this need in the field, Belfius (the bank which local authorities and public services have used for many years) turned to Vlerick. Working together, they soon developed an objective assessment and analysis tool which works for both international cities and rural municipalities.

  2. ‘People are more afraid of digitalisation than they should be’

    Date :

    More data is available than ever before, digital trends are popping up one after the other and disruptive business models are cannibalising the turnover of many large companies. Is this revolution a threat or an opportunity? Patrick Rottiers, CEO of EY Belgium and Marion Debruyne, Dean of Vlerick Business School, put their heads together to brainstorm data, disruption and digitalisation.

  3. “There's always a shot ... you just have to find it.”

    Date :

    Put together the knowledge and experience of experts, academics and, especially, fellow entrepreneurs and your next ‘shot’ will be a whole lot better. Learning from each other, that is what the Impulse Centre “Growth Management for Medium Sized Enterprises” (iGMO) is all about. At the beginning of this year, Marc Cosaert, a Partner at EY, and Patrick Couttenier, Director of Corporate Banking at KBC, extended their iGMO Prime Foundation Partnership with Vlerick. They and Professor Hans Crijns explain why.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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