For senior leaders, partnership with Vlerick means accessing a network of like-minded professionals. For talent-seekers, partnership means being able to tap into a network of the brightest thinkers. Whether your company would benefit from VIP invitations to conferences and events, or from boosting its contacts in specific sectors and communities, partnership with Vlerick opens up a powerful network of opportunities.

  1. How do medium-sized enterprises handle Covid-19?

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    iGMO partners EY and KBC look back on the way the past year tested medium-sized companies’ resilience. How are companies handling Covid-19? How do they keep helping each other along even now? What’s the pandemic’s lasting impact? A conversation about ‘familial fuzziness’ and rediscovering the joys of entrepreneurship.

  2. What are the consequences of the Green Deal for Belgium’s energy system?

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    “Flexibility” and “The role of hydrogen, green gas and other molecules in Belgium”: these were the topics of the two round tables organised this year as part of the Prime Foundation Partnership with KPMG. To conclude the three-year partnership, and in anticipation of a further collaboration, Professor Leonardo Meeus and Jorn De Neve, Partner, Head of Advisory and Head of the Energy Sector at KPMG, look back on their work.

  3. The power of ecosystem thinking within the government

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    Government bodies are in the midst of a digital transformation. But the design of new solutions often gets no further than merely the technical level. “If government bodies still want to be relevant in five years’ time, they will need the courage to set the bar higher and act as choreographers within their own ecosystem”, says Vlerick Professor Stijn Viaene. But what does it mean to take on the role of a choreographer? That is what we will be investigating with LoQutus over the next two years.

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