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  1. “Connect society through a sustainable multi-utility network”

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    How can we manage our physical assets sustainably? How can we tap into the circular economy? How can we link the distribution of electricity and gas to that of other utilities like drinking water? And how can we introduce new technologies such as blockchain? Together with Vlerick, Chair Partner Fluvius is embarking on an ambitious research project with one goal in mind: mastering the supply chain game to guarantee utility traffic that is sustainable, affordable and also future-proof.

  2. “How can we keep energy distribution manageable for consumers and the environment?”

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    Distribution system operator Fluvius will be continuing the DSO Chair at the Energy Centre with Vlerick for another five years. “Vlerick makes us take a critical look at ourselves, and that makes sense. After all, no single energy player has all the answers to the question of how we can keep energy distribution manageable for consumers and the environment.” Professor Leonardo Meeus and Donald Vanbeveren (Corporate Affairs Director at Fluvius) talk about this renewed commitment.

  3. On your marks! Digital strategy sprint in one week

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    How can Paradise City Festival combat cup pirates using digital tools? This was just one of the challenges our students had to find a solution to during the digital strategy elective. Organised as a one-week “sprint”, it had the support of Vlerick’s Professor Arne Buchwald and seasoned Accenture coaches.

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