Are you looking for an intellectual sparring partner on a specific topic? We offer several options for companies wishing to engage in a research-driven corporate partnership:

Our research for your business targets several management domains as well as specific industries, and is conducted in research units such as our Centres for Excellence with a theme-based focus or our Industry Centres with a sector focus.

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  1. NEW

    “HR also needs to become more accountable”

    Date :

    Ivan De Witte and Marion Debruyne on the challenges facing HR, in response to the renewal of the Chair Partnership with Hudson: “An HR manager who wants to be future-proof can learn from his or her counterpart in Finance, the CFO, who was forced to stop navel-gazing some time ago. After all, HR shares the need to become more accountable.”

  2. The new insurance: ready to plug & play?

    Date :

    Digital transformation affects insurance as well. Insurers have to reinvent themselves and become a whole lot sexier. Bjorn Cumps, Professor of Digital Banking, comments on the main findings of research conducted by Chair Partner Accenture.

  3. Innovative cancer treatments: how much are we willing to pay?

    Date :

    One man in three and one woman in four will develop cancer before their 75th birthday. In Belgium, cancer is the second major cause of disease burden after cardiovascular diseases and it is unlikely this will change in the foreseeable future. Increasingly better but more expensive cancer therapies are becoming available. Needless to say, in these times of austerity, the public budget for cancer treatment is under pressure. How can we ensure all patients continue to have access to these expensive but potentially life-saving medicines at a price society can afford, while at the same time encouraging pharmaceutical companies to innovate?

  4. “Together in uncharted territory”

    Date :

    The rise of new forms of decentral energy production and the growing importance of the prosumer has forced DSOs to thoroughly review their business model. "Data analytics are an essential part of this,' says Jorn De Neve (KPMG). Via interviews with data professionals and a case study of Enedis KPMG wants to map the digitization of DSOs.

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