Are you looking for an intellectual sparring partner on a specific topic? We offer several options for companies wishing to engage in a research-driven corporate partnership:

Our research for your business targets several management domains as well as specific industries, and is conducted in research units such as our Centres for Excellence with a theme-based focus or our Industry Centres with a sector focus.

  1. Did you say renewable gas?

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    By 2050, we need to keep the increase in the global average temperature below 2°C – and ideally below 1.5°C. In order to achieve this goal, the Holy Grail is to switch to electricity en masse. ‘And what about natural gas?’ asked the natural gas transporter Fluxys. “Gas is also renewable. Over the next five years, we want to explore how we can link the – underexplored – possibilities of gas to those of electricity.” And rightly so, because hardly anyone still believes that the future will be entirely electric in 2050.

  2. Medicines: how much should they cost?

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    Although medical progress is allowing us to treat more and more diseases, innovative medicines tend to be expensive. Expenses are rising constantly in the healthcare sector as a result, putting accessibility and affordability under pressure. Which criteria does the Belgian Commission for Reimbursement of Medicines apply and what could be improved? These questions are answered in a study based on RIZIV data, in the framework of the Roche Chair at the Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre.

  3. “A very stimulating collaboration”

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    “By now, we know each other well and know what we can do together. However, we are also just grateful that we can continue our work in this way.” Hudson and Vlerick’s collaboration has already lasted nearly 20 years. Following their renewed Chair Partnership, we spoke to Xavier Baeten, Professor of Reward & Sustainability, and Dirk Buyens and Koen Dewettinck, both HRM Professors at Vlerick.

  4. “People are our most valuable asset, now more than ever before”

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    In the context of the renewed Chair Partnership with Hudson, Ivan De Witte and Marion Debruyne discuss HR challenges: “The ‘war for talent’ pushes companies to get the most out of their own talent pool, now more than ever before. We still have a long way to go.”

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