One of the best ways to identify potential new recruits is to spend time with them. When you partner with us, we look at your recruitment strategy and see how we can work with you to get you the right results.

In-Company Projects

Does your company have a strategic issue but neither the time nor the resources to address it?
Why not hire a team of students for an in-company project! Let them analyse your problem and produce a full report with solid practical recommendations.
Check out our In-company project webpages if you want to find out more about this opportunity.

Vlerick Traineeship

A Vlerick traineeship is the same as an In-company project, but with extra career services. All you need to do is tell us what type of person you’re looking for. We put together a shortlist, carry out pre-screening and identify the right person.

Why a Vlerick traineeship?

Brand your company and link to recruitment
* Advertise your traineeship and company ​on the Recruitment Platform
* Direct mailing to all students​
* Branding by Vlerick Careers Team​
* Create an industry or job role link​
* Extra visibility during graduation for all Masters

Screening and selection of profiles matching your needs
* Pre-selection of candidates
* Guidance of Career Services team​
* Get in touch directly ​ (CV & on-campus interviews)

Flexible timeline ​& decision
* Submit your project from October onwards​
* Get a decision on the team assigned ​within 6 weeks after submission project​
* Be guided on choosing your student team


1 student traineeship: 9500€
2 students traineeship: 11500€
3 students traineeship: 13500€

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Partner a Career Club

Each year, a selection of highly skilled master students get the opportunity to join the exclusive strategy consulting club or the sales club and as such, deliver them in-depth insights in the world of strategy consulting or sales and providing them the opportunity to learn from industry experts.

The Sales Club

Becoming a Sales Talent Sponsor offers your company the unique opportunity to connect with our talented master students who pursue a career in Sales. Being a sponsor of the club allows you to witness the students first hand in role-play scenarios as a judge during the Sales Competition.

Why become a sales talent sponsor?

  • Present your company at the Vlerick Sales Kick-off Event, October 2018.
  • Receive the CVs of the students participating in the Sales competition. These profiles are pre-selected by the Vlerick Careers Team on the basis of CV, personal motivation and a Hudson assessment test.
  • Meet all master/MBA students during one Vlerick Career Fair (October or February)  free of charge (normal fee €1500).
  • Participate in the Sales Club Competition:
    • Send your senior sales senior sales executive to participate on the panel of judges during the Competition final and interact with the Vlerick Sales Talents.
    • Act as buyers or observers throughout the different stages of the competition.
    • You can also send HR and sales executives to network with the students in our Sales Corner.
    • Corporate logo and name visibility at the event.

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The Strategy Consulting Club

Becoming a Vlerick Strategy Consulting Talent Sponsor allows your company to get first and direct access to a pool of young talents who are interested in a career in strategy consulting and to have the ability to act as a jury member in the Strategy Consulting Club Competition.


Why become a Strategy Consulting Talent Sponsor?

  • Brand your company through name visibility
  • Receive the CV’s of the students participating in the strategy consulting competition. These profiles are pre-selected by the Vlerick Careers Team on the basis of their CV, with a special focus on outstanding academic performance.
    See the students in action as a jury member during the competition.
  • Meet all master/MBA students during one Vlerick Career Fair (October or February)  free of charge (normal fee €1500).

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Sponsor a Bootcamp

The Vlerick Bootcamp Talent Sponsorship aims to provide the Bootcamp Sponsor exclusive employer branding towards (future) Vlerick MBA & Master Students and puts the company in touch with a targeted group of MBA & Masters Students. The company provides content during one of the specific Bootcamps (mandatory part of  the Students’ curriculum) in close consultation with the Professor in charge, an expert in the field, and (depending on the way of collaboration) with a fresh perspective from the students, participating in the Bootcamp.

Being a Vlerick Bootcamp Talent Sponsor allows you to have access to Vlerick Talent and to witness the Students first-hand while they are working. Bootcamp Sponsors are supporting a part of the curriculum that strongly contributes to the hands-on education of the Students, as well as the Sponsor’s corporate status and influence.

A Bootcamp Talent Sponsor is linked to the Vlerick Career Services Office. The Career Services will allow Bootcamp Talent Sponsors access to network with the Vlerick Masters/MBA Talents via a content approach in close cooperation with the Professor involved in the chosen Bootcamp. 

You can sponsor boot camps in: Strategy Consulting Sales, Business Process Management, Global Supply Chain, Healthcare, Fintech, Energy, Digital Marketing, Retail and FMCG Marketing and Digital Transformation.

Why become a Bootcamp Talent Sponsor?

  • Overall online brand logo visibility (also towards potential Vlerick Students, as the Bootcamps are advertised on the Vlerick website).
  • Close cooperation with a Professor, holding a strong expertise in the field of the Bootcamp chosen
  • Access to Vlerick Talents, targeted in the chosen Bootcamp, and a possibility to work together with them on a chosen topic.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • One Vlerick Career Fair (October or February) free of charge (normal fee 1500€).

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